Round four of our coveted, limited edition Stateside sweatshirts are here! 

Introducing our "Classics Collection." We decided to recreate the very first sweaters I stitched over three years ago. They're stitched by hand, just like our sweaters, are fun and bright and cheery, and we hope will make the people who encountered them smile!

Each phrase has a special meaning for me: "beat the system" is what my husband Sean and I had engraved in our wedding bands - a promise we made to each other to not get bogged down by the petty in life, to really break above it; "outlaw" was for my mother-in-law, Janet, who is the oldest woman surfer still surfing and who lived and continues to live her life as a true original, an outlaw never afraid to share her true spirit; and "booyah?" Well, "booyah" was my very very first phrase and is just silly and fun - exactly what I hoped this new embroidery venture would be for me. Of course, it's turned into something much much more, but for today, I'm kicking it back to our humble and silly beginnings (which you can read more about HERE).  xo Rachelle

"beat the system"
Size Length Bust Sleeve Bicep Waist
XS 23" 35" 23.5" 12" 34.5"
S 23.5" 36" 24" 12.5"  35.5"
M 24.5" 37" 24.5" 13" 36.5"
L 25" 40" 25" 13.5" 39.5"