Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Between stoking my fear of flying and fueling my feelings of disgust and sadness for the mechanics of our elite collegiate systems, this week has been sort of gloomy news-wise. Here are some OTHER things that have gotten my mind off of the "news." Let's get right to it, shall we?

Here's something cool AF. One of my favorite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, (you know her from this TEDtalk "We should all be feminists"), is teaming up with one of my favorite jewelry companies, Foundrae. She designed a special edition pendant to support PEN America, a literary and human rights organization that makes sure all authors continue to have the freedom to publish their work and have their voices heard in this country. (Willa Cather, a fellow Nebraskan was a founding member!).

These kinds of collaborations make me feel so good. Said Adichie at her launch event last night: "I think American democracy is being tested, and it's urgent." Only 40 pendants were made so don't wait to scoop yours up on May 1st.
Beto days ahead? Beto O'Rourke just officially announced his bid for the 2020 Presidency. He's also the cover of this month's Vanity Fair
I bought myself a bday gift and he's the cutest thing in my closet now!

The ultra-glam Lauren Santo Domingo (LSD) has been serving her house guests their caviar in these ceramic bowls shaped like baked potatoes (left) for some time. And now? You too can serve your guests' caviar from potato bowls! I'm not NOT into this.

I devoured Bad Blood, journalist John Carreyrou’s latest book about the infamous Silicon Valley health tech company Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes, in two sittings - it is a thrilling read that you won't want to put down!

This New York Times feature on the 25 songs that matter right now was fun and informative. 

The show SMILF may not be for everyone, but this episode, "Surrogate Mothers Inspire Loving Families" really touched me (as did many others). 

I haven't been to the theatre in what seems like forever. I'm marking my calendar to make sure we make it to see this weird love story featuring two actors that I think seem interesting together. 

I can't remember who told me about this book, The Power, but it's my next read and I'm excited! Margaret Atwood calls it "Electrifying! Shocking!" Then she says it "Will knock your socks off! Then you'll think twice, about everything." 

I'm not giving up on my dreams of moving to Mexico City in pursuit of cultural greatness, but sometimes, NYC really gets it right. This new expansive exhibit of Jean-Michel Basquiat's work by the Brandt Foundation is one of those times: 

Located at 421 East 6th Street, it's in the former home and studio of fellow artist Walter De Maria. With over 7,000 square feet of space over four floors, you can almost feel the artists walking around in their old stomping grounds.

I had so much fun running into friendly faces at the Art Production Fund benefit this Monday night. Check out this unbelievable dress I got to wear and make sure you scoop up one of the org's beach towels for the summer - they make the perfect gifts!

I love every single photo from this weird fashion shoot for W Magazine. Shot by Yorgos Lanthimos (the director of The Favourite), it stars Emma Stone as a housewife named Phyllis who owns 15 dogs and a lot of plastic-covered furniture. The entire house was construed like a set for this shoot by the director!

The Queen posted her very first Instagram this week, and well, I want to come up with something witty to say about this momentous event, but words escape me. Are we at peak IG?! 

In VERY VERY cool news, NASA is set to perform the world's first all-woman spacewalk on March 29th - I feel like we should all throw moonwalk parties or something?  

JJ Martin - founder of fashion brand La Double J - proves she's got more than just iconic Italian textiles up her sleeves. Her new table wear has me DOOLING

Rocco DiSpirito is having a major comeback, and the Standard Grille is the hottest place in town right now, according to every single foodie I've heard from in the last couple of weeks. If food is your thing, get ye to Meatpacking before the magic moves. 

And now, a couple of plugs for cool events that I will be at, that are for great causes, and that you can buy a ticket to join:

  • My friend Christina is hosting her annual "All-Star Code" event tonight from 7-9pm at Pier 59.  Get your tickets here!
  • This Friday is the Youth Climate Strike. Join the young people of the world that know what's up. Find your local strike here
  • I'm on the committee for the Lower East Side Girls Club annual gala at the Bowery Hotel which is on April 10th. This year they are honoring Colin Kaepernick. Get your tickets here!
  • This coming Monday, we are hosting Rachel Cargle at the Jane Hotel. Her lecture, "Unpacking White Feminism" sold out in a couple of hours, but we have saved 10 tickets for LF readers. Go HERE and use code "LFNYC" to purchase. We hope to see you on Monday!
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