Love and Resistance

Love and Resistance

"An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail."

Last Thursday night, the New York Public Library played host to a rarified party that left me inspired by this city in a way that hasn't happened in a long time. It was the opening night party for their latest exhibition: "Love and Resistance: Stonewall 50" which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots - a flash point in LGBTQ history.  It was also the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day, surrounded by a packed house of people from every walk of life -  a modern day army of lovers, all paying tribute to those who fought fiercely for the freedom to love. It was so special you guys! And, I felt honored and humbled that we were able to be even a small part of it...

Collaborating with the NYPL on our "love and resistance" sweaters has truly been one of my favorite things we've done. It was also the official Lingua Franca debut of our very own Siren Starlight (aka Jacob,  left), who caught the NYT photographer's attention while working at our table set up for the event!  The exhibition itself is comprised of hundreds of images, ephemera, periodicals and more from the library's vast archival collection of the LGBTQ civil rights moments. It does a fantastic job of showcasing how the moment grew from a handful of pioneering activists to a national movement mobilizing thousands under the banner of Gay Liberation.  It's a must visit if you're in NYC. 

Go to our Instagram page and check out the latest saved stories to view more from this party! These sweaters can be purchased below, don't forget to mention what thread color you want (we've got a rainbow of options). Each purchase will send $100 back to the library! xo Rachelle

Buy "Love and Resistance" Sweater Here!

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