Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

It's been a long and busy week! Here's what's crossed my eyes:

Recently the world lost two of its biggest style icons - Lee Radziwell and Karl Lagerfeld. It's been inspiring to revisit both of their iconic looks on my Insta feed. One of my favorite images of Karl is below. As a terribly messy person myself, it speaks to me and puts Marie Kondo to shame. I love messy creatives:

Sometimes, the news makes you happy. This week, the NYC Commission on Human Rights will ban the targeting of people based on their hair or hairstyle - at work, school or in public spaces. This is a major yes. 

Another news item that had me saying "yes! yes! yes!" -Nike has a new campaign based around Colin Kaepernick titled "True to 7"  and they enlisted models from one of my favorite organization, The Lower Eastside Girls Club. How beautiful is this!?:

I just read The Perfect Nanny last weekend, which was a non-gentle reminder that one never really knows what is going on inside someone else's mind.

It also reminded me of how good The Elegrance of the Hedge was. A fulfilling favorite!

Every time I wear these Penelope Chilvers boots I get tons of comments and questions. They are my favorite winter shoes, so durable (I've had mine for years), and I love them so much, I have two pairs of them!

Cool new podcast alert: Call your Mother takes on the "sometimes happy, sometimes trying a mess of parenting while Jewish. Check out my friend Rachel Sklar's episode: "Get it in Writing!"

My friend, writer Sloane Crosley, turned me onto this IG account. "Tiny Pricks" by the artist Diana Buri Weymar, showcases delicately embroidered napkins with Trump's ridiculous words. The result is powerful and chic (left).

A new study out of New Zealand has found that a four-day workweek lowers stress and increases productivity by 20%. I'm not opposed to this idea and vote we all take Mondays off from now on! 

Ankle-grazing skirts from the late '90s are going to be a major thing this year. You heard it here

People are all abuzz about this photo of Obama wearing an embroidered "44" bomber jacket at a recent basketball game. This man.... gah! So stylish!

People are also losing their minds over this photo of Jay and Bey standing in front of a Meghan Markle framed portrait as they accept their Brit award. It's from her Kappa Kappa Gamma magazine cover, and, you can imagine how excited its creator is

Did you all catch Katie Couric expertly playing "Let it Be" on the piano in her LF "all rise" sweater? Who knew?

I have really been liking this night mask by True Botanicals. You put it on after your regular skincare routine and it's been a miracle for me this winter. I'm also going to splurge and order this miracle worker that everyone has been talking about. 

Fashion month isn't over!  It just moved to Milan, then London, and soon Paris. I love watching the stories from friends at the shows. And, I gave out an audible gasp when I saw these images of this collaboration from Moncler's Pierpaolo Piccioli and LemLem's Liya Kebede. Inspired by Ethiopian artisans and old Milanese architecture, the images are heart-stopping and just really fun:

Breathtakingly beautiful right?!

The Oscars are this weekend and, in case you missed it, they are host-less for the first time in a long time. Are the Oscars still interesting to you? Or award shows in general? Is it just me or does everything seem a little less meaningful now that we can all watch it in real-time from the star's own IG stories? Even the Vanity Fair Oscar party has become a social media staged event.  Anyway, are you watching? And, if so, on what device and feed ha! 

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