Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

 Stop what you are doing and cancel your dinner plans for the rest of the month! I just discovered a television show that is so good it's literally all I can talk about. Have you seen or heard of the show The Durrells in Corfu on PBS? 

You guys, it's the best thing I've seen in a long long time and I was up until 3 am last night because I couldn't stop watching! The best way I can describe it is, omg I don't even know! It's almost like if a more modern cast of Downton Abbey took a trip to a run-down yet chic Greek island in summertime and Luca Guadagnino was there directing everything.

This show has something for everyone and is probably going to be one of the greatest gifts I give to you all year. It has entire scenes that look like this:

I mean!! PBS - you're killing it! BTW this show is based on a true story (it just gets better and better!). Dive in and get ready to thank me.

It was so exciting to see this photo grace the front page of the NYTimes yesterday. I am overjoyed that we have so many female Democratic candidates in the running for 2020. What's not exciting? The sexism women are (still) facing on the campaign trail. So many double standards!! #sad. 

Speaking of politics, I support most all of these women shown in the above photo. For real. This isn't a zero-sum game and it's OK to support more than one candidate at this stage (especially at this stage). Just my two cents, in case you were wondering.  I enjoyed speaking to Kamala Harris last week in NYC, and we are still happy to offer this amazing collaboration with Kirsten Gillibrand in our store. These women rock, they support each other, and there's no reason why we shouldn't support them all too!  The Women in the World reading list by Tina Brown's team is fantastic. Sign up for their weekly newsletter here

William and Kate (or, as fellow #SMT fans refer to them, "mom and dad"), headed to the BAFTA's last Sunday. This is the only photo you need to see:

Here's some beautiful olive oil that anyone would be happy to receive as a host/hostess gift, don't you think? 

I love Banjanan, a new clothing brand I just discovered. Joyous clothes from Jaipur that are made in small batches with recycled fabrics for minimal waste. 

This is a very interesting read by Thomas Friedman in the NYTimes opinion section on the two codes our kids need to know as keys for successful college careers and lives. One is computer science, which, obvi right? But the other may surprise you. 

Fashion week is still going on in NYC, and I love getting the takeaways from insiders like the Cut's Stella Bugbee, on Instagram. Here she shows off the older model trend she's been spotting on the runways! 

These looks were my very favorite from the shows so far. They're soooo extra!  Jennifer Aniston turned 50 and literally looks like she's still 35. How? (Goes online and orders cases of SmartWater). 

The good news, our first embroidery class (left) was so incredible that we decided to host another one this month! The bad news: we had so many on our waiting list that this new class is already full before I could even announce it to all of you. My solution? Email us so you can get on the waitlist for the next class!

My friend Lauri has this amazing website called 3-4 oz. It's an incredibly beautiful collection of items to gift to friends that are grieving. 

Air BnB for your clothes has arrived. This new company lets you rent high fashion clothes from others without breaking your bank. “We want to convert her to renting a $40 Fendi skirt instead of buying one at Zara for the same price, and then having it end up in a landfill,”  I'm into it. 

This text exchange from Michelle Obama and her mom is the funniest thing you'll see today from Instagram. 

How fun are these new earrings from Rebecca de Ravenel? 

Finally, AD takes us inside the Brooklyn townhouse of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard and it's everything I hoped it'd be. I am obsessing over their mint marble fireplace and teak tub!

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