Our First, And Possibly Only Ever Sale...

Our First, And Possibly Only Ever Sale...

Give a Damn!

Today's the day! And, we are so excited about exercising our right to vote in the this year's midterm elections that we wanted to do something we have never done before: offer you a discount. We are so proud of you all who make the effort to get to the polls that we want to thank you!!  So, all day long today you can email us photographic evidence of you exercising your voting power (we'll accept "I Voted" stickers, polling place selfies, etc. - the more creative the better!) for a 20% off discount on any order, including custom, placed on November 6th, 2018. Also, New Yorkers can come into our new store, opening to the public this Wednesday with their proof for the discount all day! 

P.S. How cute is Connie Britton? She has a "voting squad" that she votes with and she ordered these "nevertheless, she voted" sweaters for them all! A perfect sweater to get with your 20% discount!!!

xo Rachelle

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