Calling All Extraordinary Women!

Calling All Extraordinary Women!

I have the most exciting thing to tell you about...

Happy Monday. I've been waiting for days for this Monday to arrive! If you know me at all, you know that it is virtually impossible for me to keep a surprise secret for long. All weekend I could hardly contain my excitement about what was coming. And now it's here! Backstory, for the last two years around International Women's Day in March, we have worked with the legendary photographer, and my dear friend, Pamela Hanson, to shoot a campaign celebrating the women we think are just beyond fabulous.

In 2017 that meant highlighting some of the most prolific resisters that we could find, including the women that had just come off of organizing the largest march in U.S. history. It was a day and a moment I will never ever forget. 

Last year, we brought in the women of the Resistance Revival Chorus and shouted "Joy is an act of resistance!" from the rooftops! It felt more like a party than a photoshoot and since that date I've become a bonafide groupie of the chorus. This year, I wanted to do something equally special.

After chatting with Pamela and the team, it became clear that this time around, we wanted to highlight those less-known, incredibly remarkable, extraordinary women out there - the true threads holding their communities together (pun intended). Those who give a damn, do the most and deserves some serious recognition. And that's where you come in! We want your help in finding these women because we know that they exist and we can't wait to meet them and celebrate them, and show them around our town and cast them in our next campaign! Gah! We have so much to share - I can't wait! xo Rachelle



Where the winners will be staying!

We are partnering with the Ludlow Hotel in NYC, home to the very best views of downtown Manhattan AND the impossibly chic/impossibly hard to get into Dirty French restaurant. The winners (7 in total plus one guest each), will call this hotel home for the weekend, but we aren't going to let them stay inside for long! We're still working on an itinerary for our winners for the weekend, and we hope it will be one they will never forget!

p.s. Author's disclaimer. My husband, Sean, is the owner and operator of the Ludlow Hotel. He is also a proud supporter of yours truly, and women in general. He and his team are honored to be part of this completely unsponsored sweepstakes and I am so lucky that they were up for it! We couldn't have done it without them. #blessed #SupportingEachOther #HesGotMyBack 

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