Hand-Dyed Indigo for Summer!

When I was seated next to the Fashion Institute of Technology's President, Dr. Joyce Brown, at a dinner this past winter, I just knew we had to do something together. Dr. Brown's own story was inspiring enough (she's been at FIT for 21 years!), but her passion when she spoke about her students was just beyond incredible! A couple of weeks later, while hearing about the school's natural dye-plant garden on the rooftop, (the concept of three students which won a major award) the idea came! We would spend some time together learning about textiles and dying processes from these students, then create something amazing together that would give back to the school in a tangible way. So, we did just that!

We packed up some of our ivory cashmere sweaters,  headed over to FIT, and spent a couple of afternoons learning all about hand dying! It was beyond inspiring you guys!!!! And, I think these hand-dyed indigo sweaters are the PERFECT thing to jump start your summer! Each sweater in this limited collection was hand-dyed by FIT students and faculty using small batch indigo pigment produced at FIT, making each one unique. Available in "give a damn" or just blank, 100% of the proceeds (yes you read that correctly), from the sales of these sweaters, will benefit the FIT Foundation. The Foundation helps FIT lead the next generation of unconventional minds into the new creative economy through scholarship development, industry engagement, and community events.

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