It's 2019. Here's hoping for some sanity? Just a little? No? ok....

Hi. I'm back. Barely. I had hoped the start of this year would mean I would come back from India feeling totally inspired and productive and ready to rock, but unfortunately, a lingering head cold, serious jet lag, and a government gone even more crazy has left me feeling blah. I guess I was hoping the new year might also knock some sense into McConnell and the other Republican charlatans in the Senate, but here we are, at the start of 2019 and in the midst of what will likely be the longest shutdown in our government's in history. How is this going to end?! At this point, anyone's guess is as good as mine. We've gone totally off script. The only thing left to do is carry on and pray we don't meet a real national emergency. But, now that I think about it, wouldn't 45 himself technically classify as a real emergency? hmmm... In any case, I'm going to do my best to carry on and start the New Year off by highlighting some things about our biz that seem obvious to us, but that I'm not sure we've communicated to all of you. In other words, the things I get DM'd about the most on Instagram. Happy New Year! xo Rachelle

January 11, 2019 — Rachelle Hruska