Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

My last hurrah of 2018! Here goes: Wednesday night, we hosted activist, actor and author, America Ferrera in our Bleecker Store. She is....just amazing. Truly. If you haven't picked up a copy of her book, "American Like Me," you need to get on it. America read part of her riveting opening from the book and then participated in a live Q&A which you can check out here. It was incredibly cool meeting all of you that enthusiastically came to meet and support America - I can't wait to see what she does next!!!

I love this community of people we are building! You guys give me hope!

This Instagram of mine had a lot of people talking! As did this one! 

It's hard to put into words how excited I am about this Christmas Television Special. Who's with me? (Anyone?)

Speaking of TV that is too good to be true. If you haven't watched Netflix's new  ROMA film from Alfonso Cuarón- what the heck is stopping you? (One of my favorite scenes is pictured at left). I devoured it last week and then remembered to rewatch "Y Tu Mama Tambien" this week. It is also so so good.

Gah! Read this fantastic article on director Cuarón in NYT Magazine. This dude's the real deal! 

Did you catch Jimmy Fallon talking about our company on the Tonight Show?! We were totally surprised and totally excited!

Last TV thing because really, I DO actually have a life to get to, and swear I don't work for Reed Hastings, but Ellen's new comedy special, Relatable, is a totally fun watch! 

Even though cold rain, Santa  and his carolers came to visit us last weekend and here's a collection of some of my favorites shots:

That's me and my boys on the bottom right - should we do this again???

I am so excited! I found a super healthy way to get drunk!

We are working on something special debuting in 2019, and I have such a newfound respect for anyone that has ever made anything. Even glitter. Especially glitter. This is fascinating.

This sweater is still my favorite of the season. Should we hand embellish more like this in the New Year? Pls lmk your thoughts. (P.S. These are at Liberty London, a store that ships Internationally, but we can literally embellish anything you want! Email us about custom embellishment sweaters, like this "dancing queen" sweater we are shipping out today!)

I'm dying to see the new Mary Poppins - it is my favorite movie and I'm basically a Lin Manuel groupie, so I'm sort of expecting this film to be life-changing. (It's not getting great reviews, but honestly? I don't care about reviews at all in this case I'm heading to the theatre with my sons with bells on!)

People are going crazy over Meghan Markle's handwriting. But it's so pretty! 

I can not with these two:

Finally, why do I get so weepy at my son's school holiday singing services? I suspect it has something to do with those little earnest voices, all rising up together in this sort of majestic sound that's unique each time, but also so familiar and heartwarming. I sort of think that, no matter what your background, we all become children again during the holidays. One of my secrets to dealing with adults that I find to be rude and lame is to try to imagine them as children. It doesn't always work, but this season, I'm trying to remember to be more kind to people who may need it the most. Happy Holidays everyone! You inspire me and keep me searching for the magic. xo Rachelle

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