Let all the Dreamers Wake the Nation!

This Holiday Season snuck up on me - am I the only one? Besides the overall extra mayhem that comes up this time of year, we have a new store, and with that comes new opportunities for things. You see, dear friends, (can I call you that? I've met so many of you now in person in our store that I feel this is a real community of people here, not just a digital one), this company has saved my life. Which is why, I really don't feel an obligation or a desire to make it something that's massively profitable for me personally, nor am I pounding the pavement at VC firms. What I want - and this is going to sound trite, but it's true - what I want is to change the world. Even if it is in a seemingly small way. I want to feel less helpless. I want to connect with the community of people who care.  I want to put power to words and words to power. And that's why I felt particularly inspired to do something magical in store this holiday season...

Almost everything we've done has had a charity component to it
from day one. I believe it's why we've been able to grow so much in the last two years. We have been able to meet so many people working at so many incredible organizations in this world - and with that, have been able to tap into their supporters too. But with our store, we have a new opportunity to give. And, almost the moment I started thinking about doing monthly sponsorships for charities we love, to be kicked off this December, my friend Paola Mendoza texted me about the Dreamers. Boom!

Meet our cause for the month of December. I hope you didn't forget about the Dreamers. They are truly the hope for our nation, and their DACA renewals for the year are due on Dec. 31st. It costs $495 for a DACA renewal. We want to help as many Dreamers as we can this season. So, beginning on December 1st (tomorrow), we will be kicking off our
"dream on dreamers" partnership with Voto Latino. During the entire month of December, a percentage of all store sales and $100 of every "dream on dreamers" sweater will be donated to the UndocuNeighbor Defense Fund. The Fund works with DACA recipients to cover the cost of their annual renewal as well as any legal fees associated with the renewal process. So far they've helped over 200 Dreamers enroll or renew their applications to the DACA program. HOW COOL IS THIS YOU GUYS!?!?!?

"Stand with the majority of Americans who believe that Dreamers should not be deported from the only country they call their own." - Paola Mendoza. 

There's so much more to tell you all about this wonderful partnership. Please come tomorrow to hear from some DREAMERS in person at our store (382 Bleecker) at 4 pm. It's a perfect opportunity to chat with your children about the things we all take for granted, freedom to exist in this country. Invite at the bottom of this newsletter. And check out more on this collaboration here. xo Rachelle