Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

And now, here are some things I've been into this week. If you have ideas for me for the next list, please email me rachelle@linguafranca.nyc. And, just a reminder, nothing is sponsored. These are things I really just dig.

Photo shot by Pamela Hanson

First, did you guys check out yesterday's Instagram Live? This is my mother-in-law, Janet MacPherson. At 82 (!) she's the oldest woman surfer still surfing. She is the greatest living example I know of living life on your own terms, beating the system, and being an outlaw. My first ever collection was based on her (OG!) and was partially inspired by her history of surfing in cashmere sweaters before wetsuits were invented. FYI, she's also the woman with the mega updo on all of our packaging with her son, my husband, Sean. Go here to watch our video.

I'm back into listening to podcasts (BTW do you think we should do a podcast? Please let me know, it's been weighing on me for months!), and I really REALLY enjoyed listening to Michelle Obama's chat session with Oprah. I was traveling through Mexico last weekend and devoured the whole thing. I loved her openness –, especially about her marriage.  I am also dying to listen to my friend's new "Mom Brain" show.


On TV, my husband and I just started watching Homecoming, I've heard that this is incredible, and I can't help it, this show is still one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  Get past season one!  

Also, check out my friend Aminatou Sow's mega-profile in the NYTimes. I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore Aminatou. I found (and stalked) her on Instagram for over a year until we met this fall IRL. Her podcast, Call Your Girlfriend, is a must add to your rotation! 

Last weekend we took a five-day family only trip to Mexico. I am constantly impressed with the country. Each time we go it shows more of itself - like layers of an onion - it's so beautiful and culturally sophisticated. We were in Mexico City, and San Miguel de Allende, but my favorite stop of the trip was GuanajuatoIt is a gem! P.S. Do you guys want more travel stuff from me or should I stick to sweater causes?

My boys and I walking the streets of San Miguel. Such a great trip! The only complaint - the air quality! It was dangerously unhealthy according to weather reports. So intrigued by these new companies. 

Vanity Fair covered our event with Kirsten Gillibrand! Read more here. 

Everyone's been asking me where I've gotten, what my husband calls "wide wales." They're from J.Crew! for real! And, I have been wearing them all week - I'm obsessed! Mara Hoffman makes a killer hot pink pair too 

Okay. Stop what you are doing. Who knows what "Lunch at the Ritz" jewelry is? I didn't. I found them last summer when my mother-in-law Janet told me about them. Popular in the 80s, they are totally AB FAB. You actually won't believe them. AND, I was just gifted four vintage pairs (left). I'm over the moon! 

My favorite thing to put on my body in the winter, post-shower. 




Everyone at work is trying to stay healthy, even though we are all wearing thin. They are SWEARING by this.

Okay, we pretty much sold out of the La Ligne PJ Collection we did in store this week. BUT there are maybe a dozen left online today. I'm not posting on Instagram so run and grab yours now!

I'm truly digging the"T Editor's (Fantasy) Gift Guide." With fun illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias (below), it got me thinking of my own fantasy gift ideas!

This weekend marks the first day of Hanukkah. And, if you are looking for last minute LF gifts, check out some of our already embroidered stock in our Bleecker Street store, or an online stockist. Here, HereHere. This is a great time to inform you that all custom orders must be placed by December 7th for guaranteed Christmas Delivery! Email us to order custom! 

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