Living The "Louche Life..." (In PJs)

Living The "Louche Life..." (In PJs)

That Louche Life...


"Unconventional and not respectable, but often in a way that people find rather attractive."

Look up the word "louche" online. That's what I did after my husband informed us that he had  sold the house, sold the car, sold the kids and purchased the Chelsea Hotel, and that we were going to all have to start getting into character (of "louchiness?" - stay with me) for the next two years so that he could get his inspiration game on while redeveloping the famed hotel. No pressure. There was a slight problem: my search for louche-ness online turned up tons of photos of men but not a single woman! James Dean, Don Draper, Harry Styles...the list went on and on.  You guys, the only thing I could find on louche women was an English poetry group and some dresses on eBay. WTF!? Where are all the Louche Women of the world and why aren't they in PJ's drinking some martinis with me over lunch on a workday?! 

Drinking milk in a bar after hours while blindfolded? Veeeeeery Louche!

Thankfully my friends at La Ligne were totally up for getting their louche on with me. Listen, it's the end of the year, no one even knows what's in the tax bill that was just passed or what it means for humanity, let alone what 2018 will bring (IMPEACHMENT! PLEASE!). It's time to don our PJs, cuddle up by the fire, drink way more than one too many and toast each other. We are women! And damn it, it's time we reclaim A LOT of things - including that louche lifestyle.

Get Louche with us - PJs and Eye Masks Here!

These PJs are the softest thing you will own. You will never take them off. Like, never. Not even to go to work, or to work out, or to hang out with friends. They will basically become your second skin. Hand stitched with "give me the night" (George Benson, you dig?) and "it was all a dream..." (Obviously), these are in super limited quantities so don't wait! 

It's totally fiiiiine to pass out at the bar - just make sure you're ON it! Extra Louche.

Light's out.


p.s.: The first photo is of the La Ligne founders, Molly Howard, Meredith Melling Burke, and Valerie Boster, and myself. I was hungover, and we were all drinking on the shoot (which took place mid-morning at the Bowery Hotel).  Things got louche. 

The model drinking milk is Valerie. I was pouring her a glass of wine until she told me milk was more louche. GENIUS!!!! She truly doesn't need anything to get into character as she is just louche by default.  Same with Molly who laid on the bar without a word.

The last photo is un-staged - this is a LITERAL bar cart that was being brought into the kitchen. How Louche!  Photos by Marko MacPherson.

xo Rachelle

Women can be Louche too!

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