Meryl Streep Chatted Bout Us On Ellen Today!

Meryl Streep Chatted Bout Us On Ellen Today!

Um...we're dying...

What happens when Meryl Streep not only shows up at the Ellen show wearing our creation but also chats about our brand and then gifts our sweaters to Ellen and Tom Hanks?! Well. First off, there's disbelief. Like, you know it's a big deal but you feel like you're kind of watching a film of someone watching it happen from afar. When it finally sets in that Meryl. Streep. just. gifted. our. sweaters. to. Tom. Hanks. and. Ellen. Degeneres, you sort of start to do a dance move that resembles this: 

Yeah. We're pretty psyched. What can I say? I love what we do here. I love you all that have supported us from day one, and I love everyone that is finding out about our brand and our mission. Check out the video from today's show here. And then, go purchase your own "TIME'S UP" sweaters from the button below - $100 will go to the Times Up Now legal defense team. 

Buy Your Time's Up Sweater

Side Note...

Still wondering about that "Poverty is sexist" sweater of ours that Connie Britton wore to the Globes? Check out the video she posted today to have her walk you through its meaning!

Go HERE to watch!

p.s. You guys really are the best. Thank you for your support, on Instagram and beyond (p.p.s. I'm personally manning the IG account so say hello sometime!). We are trying our best over here, and definitely not perfect and your support is what keeps us going!

p.p.p.s. Shout out to Carrie Byalick who made this Meryl thing possible (along with the incredible LF team who have been stitching their hearts out night and day to get these sweaters made).  xo Rachelle

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