Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

It's fashion week here in NYC, which honestly seems less important than it used to. Sure, everything about the industry, in general, has changed, and shows are feeling more and more irrelevant in these times when influencers on Instagram drive more sales than debuts on the pages of Vogue, but I still appreciate the passion and creative energy that floods my orbit this time of year. So, some fashion-y things I'm digging:

Emily Bode is exciting me! I grabbed these screenshots from Lauren Santo Domingo's IG story (@thelsd), and you can click the photo below to shop. I'm totally into this new designer!!

The Cut asked 148 designers to use one word and one image to describe the inspiration behind their new collections. It's a terribly fun scroll.

The size-inclusive retailer, 11 Honoré, hosted their first runway show yesterday featuring well-known models like Laverne Cox. We are so excited to be part of their community. Shop our "extra" collection here.

Last Fashion-y item: I need you all to know that I have a crazy crush on Isaac Mizrahi. It started after seeing his amazing documentary "Unzipped," which, in my mind is just the best documentary ever made, and came full circle after seeing him perform live at the Carlyle in his first show three years ago. You. Guys. He's amazing! I've been trying to secure tickets to his latest show this week at the Carlyle, but they are completely sold out! So, you can imagine my excitement when my friend David surprised me with both his new memoir "I.M." (how great is that title?!), which comes out until later this month, AND scored us tickets for next week's show. I CANNOT wait. 

230 new emojis are coming later this year including a juice box, an oyster and a drop of blood? I'd love to be a fly on the wall during these emoji brainstorm sessions - wouldn't you?

Also coming later this year – Ellsworth Kelly stamps! Your mail is about to get WAY more chic. 

Did you binge-watch Natasha Lyonne's new show"Russian Doll" on Netflix yet like I just did?  It's from an all-women set of producers, writers, and showrunners and it is so good!

Rachel Brosnahan just starred in one of my favorite ad campaigns ever for her late aunt Kate Spade's brand, Frances Valentine. Says Brosnahan: "When you lose someone you love very, very much, you spend a lot of time trying to think about how to keep their spirit alive."

The Sweet Reason team stopped by our offices this week and now we are all hooked on this all-natural, CBD-infused sparkling water.

Being bored is good for you!

I just ordered Julie Yip-Williams' book, The Unwinding of the Miracle, after reading her heartbreaking letter

Here's an adorable story on how sometimes the internet gets things right. (Shout out to my husband, Sean, for suggesting this for my reading list!)

Finally, queen Nancy Pelosi with the win, again.

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