Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

My boys and I hanging out in Montauk last weekend at the Right Whales exhibition, presented by the Montauk Oceans Institute and in collaboration with OCEANA.

I used to curate these list of interesting things I was reading online for Guest of a Guest and honestly, it brought me a lot of joy! Everything seems so heavy lately, and I recently realized we've been so serious these days. Which is good. We are living in serious times. But today? I just wanted to do something silly. So below, a list of some fun links that have nothing to do with Trump! A reminder that people are still doing cool shit out there. We are still thriving as creative beings! Here goes... xo Rachelle

In no particular order, some things I've been reading:

The magazine world is buzzing about their September issues. So far, my favorite content has been the inside look of Grace Coddington's Watermill cottage in Architectural Digest:

"This home isn’t actually designed,” she says. “It’s just full of stuff because my life is full of stuff—I can’t help myself." Gah, I love her.

I am dying to see this new installation/show/shop at the Whitney Museum!

Check out these go-to hostess gifts from Vogue's staff. I'm longing for these Oprah napkins. FUN!

My friend just launched a line of natural products for babies and kids called Gryph & IvyRose and it is DELICIOUS!! We are obsessed with the shampoo and bath wash. 

Meet RAMONA. Sort of my Summer 2018 go-to drink:

Sorry, trying to keep politics out of this, but this was me when I found out that Paul Manafort bought a $15,000 jacket made out of ostrich. You can not make this stuff up!

Also, Rachel Cargle is my new favorite Instagram account to follow. I'm learning so much you guys!

My friend Noa Santos recently got married in Hawaii and OMG, these bridesmaids suits are the best wedding party outfits I've ever seen: 

 I don't even own a pool and I'm tempted to buy this Cindy Sherman float.

I always read more in the summer. I just finished Asymmetry which is fantastic and am looking forward to diving into The Mars Room, and There, There but need more suggestions!

No one is more excited about the Murphy Brown revival than me. The only better thing than the ABC show being filmed now? The fact that Candice Bergen is on Instagram sending us behind the scenes:

Important announcement: apparently there is a $5 hair clip sweeping the French Riviera this summer. Stock up!

Speaking of summer, IMHO, Supergoop Glow Stick is the best sunscreen on the market for your face (and your children's faces), and Hampton Sun is the best smelling sunscreen for your body. 

I love this "highlight the remarkable" campaign from Stabilo. So smart and meaningful

Check out this photo shoot and interview I did in Montauk with my friends at Armarium. They have the best dresses to borrow and return!

Okay, this is really incredible. There is an actual bookstore in Wigtown, Scotland that offers a literary experience unlike any other. Who wants to go!?

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