Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List


Omg thank you so much for all of the feedback I got from last week's email! You all have really done it now! You have inspired me to do round two! Here you go, some things I found myself clicking on when I woke up in the middle of the night this week:

The magazine stand is looking very diverse these days - and it's about time! 

This is the most popular restaurant in Manhattan right now. 

I loved your book recommendations! I just finished My Absolute Darling (which, btw, was one of the hardest books to read and impossible to quit - not for the faint of heart). And, based on your emails, I ordered the following: Educated, Pachinko, Vacationland and The Heirs

I also received a comment that my sunscreen spray was actually not totally cool to use - it's full of chemicals. How did I miss that? So! I kept my Supergoop and have ordered a bunch of Drunk Elephant's natural sunscreen

Important service announcement: um this is JFK's grandson, Jack Schlossberg doing the splits on a beach:

Are you into the biggest Instagram trends of the summer? 

I'm currently crushing hard on the jewelry designer Paola Vilas. 

The Chinese government has just destroyed the artist Ai WeiWei's studio. Again. A tragic thing to watch unfold on his instagram, an important reminder of what's at stake in our democracy.

As if you needed another reminder of the dopeness of Martha Stewart, stalking Insta stories last weekend I caught her making my friend Douglas Friedman the perfect scrambled eggs from her cappuccino machine! Mind. Blown. 

Stormy Daniels just launched a fragrance. It's called "truth." Good for her.

I get that people are getting bored with the Scandinavian-styled homes, but this can't be the answer - can it?

This is apparently what the Friends apartment would look like today. I like the original one better!

My friend Batsheva is having a moment. Her prairie dresses became a widespread trend and she just got nominated as one of the 2018 CFDA designers. She is gorgeous inside and out:

This anti-blemish age serum has saved my life. I never get those small little pimples on my forehead anymore in the summertime. Just thought I'd share. 

As an avid lover of the ongoing debate surrounding nature vs. nurture, I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary Three Identical Strangers. 

The Times styles team collected their favorite host gifts. I am eyeing this game

Bill Cunningham was a hat maker before a style photographer, and his creations are just beyond. I am dying for these:

Um, Dear Ivanka, the crisis is ongoing...

college freshman's guide to NYC, aka places I will NOT be visiting ha!

Menstrual cups are fashionable? Is this something everyone has tried but me?!

Also, would you try these cannabis-infused sex chocolates

Finally, I will leave you with the chicest thing I've seen all summer and probably all year. I've always been beyond inspired my friend Brooke Wall, but she took my affection for her to entirely new levels last weekend when she walked down her wedding aisle in a sparkling Tom Ford dress escorted by a majestic owl. I mean! Go here to check out more from this affair.

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