Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Here are some of the things I've been into this week.

Yesterday I welcomed authors and former Obama White House staffers Andrea R. Flores, Eleanor Celeste, and Molly Dillon into our store for a reading from their book Yes She Can, and a Q&A. You can watch the live talk here

Did you catch this latest collaboration we did on Instagram with our friend Samirah (@thisishowilook)?  I love when women work together for the cause. This powerful sweater donates 100% of proceeds (split two ways) to The Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama and the Amazing Grace Conservatory in L.A.
Parents who are worried about their children's cell phone use: I have unsurprising news for you. They are EQUALLY worried about YOUR cell phone use! It's time for some family unplugging. 

Trump's administration is stalling on the planned redesign of the $20 bill to feature abolitionist hero Harriet Tubman, and citizens are taking matters into their own hands. I am 100% for this act of civil disobedience. 

Alessandro Michele showed off his 2020 Gucci resort collection this week in Rome. And, for all of you non-fashion folks, Michele is H-O-T HOT right now, and not just on Instagram. His first-quarter sales this year are up 20% ($2.57 billion). For those of you here for the eye candy and the mood setting, here are some of my favorite looks:

The collection was shown in the dark at the Capitoline Museums (widely considered the first museum in the world where art could be enjoyed by all, not just the elite) and, as "the models emerged, some with “Gucci” tattoos inked like gags across their mouths, it was, Mr. Michele declared, also a loud rallying cry for freedom of self-expression. Specifically, for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights."  [NYT]

p.s. Is Mickey mouse fashion trending

Here's more beauty to behold. Books, glorious, real-paper-bound books, are still very much "in." Americans that read a book of history in 2017 was three times higher than the number of those that watched the first episode of the final season of “Game of Thrones.” And, writer Timothy Egan argues that "when the dominant culture goes low, the saviors of our senses go high." Hooray!

What am I reading? Sally Rooney's latest

Teva sandals are the new ugly shoes that are hot this summer.
I went to see King Lear on Broadway this week and I want a medal for sitting through it ok? At 3.5 hours long (and some of the densest Shakespearean dialogue you'll ever encounter), it was a challenge y'all. Overall it was the performance of a lifetime for both Glenda Jackson (who is just beyond the coolest actress I've ever ever read about), and Ruth Wilson. And, I think it's worth checking out if you have a super strong bladder and are up for a challenge. 

I just finished reading the NYMag cover story on Incels and OMFG. If you, like me, had little clue what the inner world of "involuntarily celibates" looked like, then settle your stomach and dive in to learn all about "Stacies," "Chads," and some extremely complex human beings. I don't even know how to really comment on this article that left me feeling equal parts sad for the state of the world as it did infuriate. It's FASCINATING. Where's Phil Donahue when we need him?

In a completely non-ironic and borderline insensitive transition (do incels deserve sympathy?), I couldn't help but enjoy all of the photos and subsequent memes that came into my Instagram feed from the"Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" stars at Cannes:

Seeing these two together just feels old school Hollywood doesn't it (left)? Leo D is THAT boyfriend (right). 

Elizabeth Warren's random calls to campaign donors are just delightful content to peruse. 

In TV-related news, I am OBSESSED with season two of Fleabag. Phoebe Waller-Bridge really is at the top of her game (and everyone else's!). 

I absolutely positively loved this piece on how women of ANY age can wear shorts. Just like Mary, left, who is 77. 

Here are some adorably cute, chic summer dress options that no one you know will be wearing (until now? darn-it!) 

Here are the hot new spots to party this summer in NYC and the Hamptons. 

Anyone else excited about season 2 of Big Little Lies? 

Arch Digest went inside Hillary Clinton's home in D.C. I found it tasteful and happy. The opposite of 45's surroundings. 

Finally, it's your move Congress!

And below for some laughs:

Cartoon via the New Yorker. Shout out to MY editor, Kate.
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