Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Below, some things I've been into this week!

First, I couldn't be more proud and excited to be part of this feature on the new Bleecker Street in the NYTimes today! Shout out to our own little Stars Hollow! (And, if you don't get that reference, read the first line of the story!). 

This photo was from our opening night - with Ashley Longshore - still one of my favorite nights ever!

Also, I joined a girl band. Not really, but sort of. 

I'm currently reading An American Marriage and it is blowing me away. It's so so good you guys!

We just went to The Band's Visit on Broadway. It also blew me away. I loved it so much and will tell you with 100% certainty that you will too. 

I'm also dying to see Roma. Anyone wanna try playing hooky with me this Friday afternoon and catch it? 

I really enjoy following NY Mag's art critic Jerry Saltz and was ecstatic to see him on last week's cover. Check out his "33 Rules on How to Be an Artist, (or at least help you live life a little more creatively. "I loved the photos, (like Picasso with his family, left), the art, and the, well, honestly the entire thing was great fun. There are gems like this: "I’m “successful,” and I’m confused, terrified, insecure, and foul all the time.

I want to share this salt scalp scrub shampoo from Goop that I've been using because it is life-changing. If you've been getting these emails for a while, you may recognize it from this summer. Anyway, it's the best thing GP has done IMHO. 

I also would like to give a shout out to my Instagram friend Liz and her adorable, customizable winter stocking hats. Cute gift idea alert!

You may have read here and already know that I'm obsessed with @eholmes' SMT (So Many Thoughts) Instagrams on the royal family. It's insane and wonderful and honestly? I feel part of a real community of people over there ha. Anyway, in case you care, there is a huge BOW trend happening this season thanks to Kate Middleton. Below, the bow that started it all, and then some of my friends rocking these bows like nobody's business. I am totally on board and on the hunt for velvet ribbon! (Thank you @eholmes for doing this important work!). 

From L-R, @leandramcohen, @hannahbronfman and @becknyc . Sorry I'm such a weirdo guys, but can one of you come over and teach me the ways of the bow rocking? Thanks!

John Derian is my very favorite store to visit in NYC during the Holidays.  Each year, everyone in our family gets to pick out one new ornament to add to our collection

Speaking of the holidays, I love this time of year, especially in New York,  and especially in the West Village. And, now that we've officially made Bleecker Street our home, things are just getting more and more magical as the season progresses. Have you seen our "Dreamers Tree" yet? It's live and flocked in hot pink. More to come on this and many more celebratory events, including an amazing event tomorrow - stop by and meet us IRL! 

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