2020 is off to quite a start

If the last nine days are any indication, 2020 is already feeling like the last few years on steroids—a heated, deranged, dictator-like president threatening to blow up historic and cultural landmarks; the fallout from Republican control starting to tangibly threaten the rights of women, minorities, and our planet; and, fires in Australia that have reaffirmed the reality that we are living in a very scary new world, and it's only going to get worse...

It's hard to get excited by a hand stitched sweater, but it is sort of our thing here. Our latest "this is not a drill" sweater is, we think, a great reminder for the new year. This one sends $100 to the Red Cross of Australia. Click below to order or email us to specify any color combo you'd like. i
nfo@linguafranca.nyc . And welcome back! xo Rachelle
January 10, 2020 — Rachelle Hruska