Scrolling the news this week I learned that of the thousands of children still separated from their families, almost 500 of them have parents who were recently DEPORTED without them. Ugh. I read that 3D gun printing got the thumbs up from Trump, meaning people anywhere will be able to print.guns.from.home. They will be made of plastic (read: not detectable by metal detectors). Wha?! There are fires raging in Greece, farmers unable to keep up with the tariffs imposed on them, and then our President, who is still living in his OWN reality - he's truly in an alternate universe. Then there's the tragic death of Nia Wilson, a black woman who was stabbed on the BART platform by a white man over the weekend, why am I JUST hearing outcries about this across my social feeds today?! I have to do better. We all have to do better.  

We have to continue trying our best to do meaningful work in our communities, fighting for what's right and supporting each other.  We also all have to keep on keepin' on. We have to remember that it's okay to disconnect and enjoy a weekend with our families and friends untethered by the news, and we have to try to succumb to silliness and joy too. We have to continue trying our best to do meaningful work in our communities.  And so, today I'd like to share some things we've been up to that I hope will make you smile. 

xo Rachelle
July 27, 2018 — Rachelle Hruska