WTF Alabama!?

On Wednesday, May 15th, Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed into law the most restrictive abortion bill in the country: a near-total ban on the procedure, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Under the legislation, doctors could face up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion. And, if there ever was a time to give a damn, now is that time...

I respect people's opinions on when life starts, though I don't always agree. What I don't understand is how, when the numbers show that restricting safe abortions actually increases abortion rates, leads to higher rates of infant and child mortality, causes physical harm to women, and disproportionally affects our most vulnerable and disenfranchised communities, anyone could fight for this ban and claim it's a solution to anything?  

Roe v. Wade is about more than just abortion. It is about giving women their right to privacy regarding medical care. If Roe is overturned it will have far-reaching consequences that go beyond abortion rights…Remember, if the state can tell a woman she must have a baby, the same state can, at some point, decide she isn’t allowed to. I’m truly terrified about the path our country is on. 

I found this post on the issue and the discussion that followed in the comments section FASCINATING. 

We have decided to send 10% of all of our sweater sales for the rest of the month to the Yellow Hammer Fund. My continued hope is that people in power will spend their energy and time on women's health, education, prison reform, gun reform, and so many other pressing issues facing this country! The path we are heading down is terrifying - and a real wake up call about the importance of elections. xo Rachelle