Attica Scott

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"Be the leader that we all need today."

In 2016, Attica became the first Black woman elected to the Kentucky State Legislature in 20 years. Her impenetrable voice has been elevated through her platform during the BLM movement, and the social unrest that has overcome our community of Louisville, KY. She has leveraged her power and position to speak out on the injustices of police brutality (hitting close to home with the murder of Breonna Taylor), and has frequently lended her support and participation (along with her daughter) during the protests, at one point marching through tear gas to stand her ground. Attica is a true example of the kind of Democratic woman leader we want to see more of in office, and she is just getting started.

Name: Attica Scott
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Role: KY State Representative (District 41)
Coalition(s): African American, woman, mother, Kentucky General Assembly
Social Media: @atticascott4ky


Can you tell us about the office you are running for/your current elected position? I am running for re-election as State Representative of Kentucky House District 41 in Louisville.  

What made you decide to run for office? I knew that the people who believed in another world deserved to have a State Representative who believed the same. I was first encouraged by a long-time State Representative, a woman, to run to serve District 41. It made sense. As a result, I became the first Black woman in nearly 20 years to serve in our state legislature. I'm also currently the only Black woman serving. Thank goodness that will change come January.  

What is the most important issue you are focusing on in your campaign? My entire being is focused on justice for Breonna Taylor. I go to sleep thinking about her family and wake up committed to pressing onward with everlasting resistance. We currently have 11 legislative co-sponsors of Breonna's Law for Kentucky and 575 community co-sponsors. This is the most important issue for my community.  

Why is the leadership of Black women needed right now? I love these words by Coretta Scott King:  Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul. We are living in the midst of one of the biggest movements of our lifetime and Black women are at the forefront. While the movement for Black lives was born in the United States, it has global impact. It's times like now when Black women can use our collective power to save the soul of this nation and to build another world. 

What advice would you give other women who want to get involved in their community or who want to run for office?  Get involved. Run for office. Find out how you can make a difference and then go out a do that thing. Help register people to vote. Educate folks about how to advocate for good public policy. Contact your elected officials at the local, state and federal levels about what keeps you awake at night. Run for office. Be the leader that we all need today. 

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