Humming Bird Ceramics

Last year, my friend Carey Lowell told me about her small company, Hummingbird Ceramics – handcrafted pieces, made in the most serene studio setting in upstate NY – and I was intrigued. After the team made a visit, our fondness for both Carey and her magical pieces grew. The antithesis of all of the mass production, these ceramic pieces resonate with the specialness that's unique to handmade objects. Each one was carefully sculpted by Carey's hands in Katonah, NY.

Yes, they are beautiful. But they've also got soul. A perfect gift with a story behind them to share. Don't they just make you smile? I am so proud to be presenting Carey's work to you. xo Rachelle

Caliber aqua with gold neck candle holder
Small gord with gold
Caliber black with gold neck candle holders
Red edge bowl with gold bee
Penta aqua bowl with yellow edge and gold insect
Blue porcelain bowl with gold flower
Blue porcelain bowl with gold flower
Blue porcelain bowl with gold flower
Small Bowl With Aqua Applique Leaf
Aqua Vase with Dot Applique
Blue edge bowl
Caliber matte white candle holder
Caliber gloss gold candle holders
Cog bud vase with gold
Red edge bowl with a little gold
Large gord with red bead
Large gord with birds and silver
White edge bowl with gold insect
White matte vase with yellow edge
White gloss vase with yellow rim