Meah Pace

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"My mother taught me to never let the lack of money stop me from doing something I really want to do."


Name: Meah Pace
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
IG: @meahpace

What woman in your life has been the greatest source of inspiration to you? My maternal grandmother LeCora Mickens has been my greatest inspiration. I’ve learned so much about where I come from, and I’m motivated by her belief in me.

When do you feel like the strongest version of yourself? I feel my strongest when I’m performing on stage.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation of women? I hope to lead by example. I need the next generation of women to know that they are the most influential people on earth and to use your powers for good not evil.

If you could spend an afternoon with any woman past or present — who would it be and what would you ask them? I would love to spend the afternoon with my paternal grandmother in her youth. She was a strong and fascinating woman. She died before I even knew what to ask her.

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