Sarah Sophie Flicker

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Name: Sarah Sophie Flicker
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark
IG: @sarahsophief

What woman in your life has been the greatest source of inspiration to you? My daughter, who is on the way to being a young woman. She birthed me into motherhood, we reflect each other (the good and the bad), she holds my feet to the fire, I rise to the occasion to model vulnerability and strength for her.

When do you feel like the strongest version of yourself? I mean, giving birth, of course. On the day to day, when I am vulnerable in the face of fear, or uncertainty, I am at my most soft and courageous.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation of women? Letting the next generation lead inspires me. The best I can do is do the work with humility and purpose. I like the idea of a relay race toward a better world. We don’t have to finish the work, we just pass the baton, and keep working!

If you could spend an afternoon with any woman past or present — who would it be and what would you ask them? I’m pretty grateful to be part of this incredible community of women, right now. I just ask that we keep holding space for each other!

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