Stephanie Bowman

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 Once homeless herself, Stephanie now runs her own nonprofit, One Heart, which provides resources to others experiencing homelessness.


Truly an inspiring and amazing woman.”
- Erin Dinan, nominator


Name: Stephanie Bowman

Age: 53

Birthplace:  Huntsville, Alabama

IG or Twitter Handle: @oneheartmatters

What woman in your life has been the greatest source of inspiration to you? My mother has been my greatest inspiration. Growing up my mother ALWAYS inspired me to be my best and never give up. She always asked us to love full-hearted, smile like no other and hug others as it is my only hug that day.

What does it mean to be extraordinary? I love this question -- to me being extraordinary is to me is to be transparent and exceptional in character. Also to be able to go “above and beyond” the expected.

How do you hope to inspire the next generation of women? My hope is to inspire our next generation with my “experience, strength and hope” with them and to continue to encourage them to dream big -- and each day to do something to get closer to that dream.

What motivates you to do  your extraordinary work? My motivation comes from my past experiences. When I was a single mom, homeless with addictions I knew that ONE DAY I would share with others so they did not have to go as far as I did -- I do this work to share hope, love and to remind (sometimes teach) others that they ARE NEVER EVER ALONE.


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