Gangs All Here!

Gangs All Here!

Back row L-R: Grace, Diane, Montana, Jacob, Catherine, Aniko, Charlene, Camila.
Middle: Christina, Annie, Julia, Kate, Anahi, Shevawn, Helen
Bottom- Deedee, Sophie, Margaret, Kate, Karen

Gangs All Here!*

Our team (above) had the best time this past Monday celebrating with a night of dinner and drinks and fun. This group of amazingly talented embroiderers, along with our staff, make up LF's adorable dream team. They are the actual heart and soul of this entire operation, and I smile just thinking about this gang.  I truly look forward to seeing these beautiful faces every day at the office. I am so so thankful to this team (and to the person who decided to snap this photo!). I don't say it enough but I hope they hear this loud and clear: Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! Thank you guys for your hard work, for the hours and hours you have spent pouring love into our sweaters, and for showing up every day with positive attitudes and incredible work ethics. I am so proud of what we are creating! xo Rachelle

*except for moi. I've been stuck at home dealing with some not so fun debilitating health issues (I threw out my back and then ruptured my eardrum all in the span of a week- when it rains it pours, never take your health for granted, etc. etc.). 

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