Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

The Women of the World were out in full force this week! Tina Brown's 10th Annual "Women in the World" summit is going on at Lincoln Center and includes speakers like Anna Wintour and Oprah, nbd. We were so excited to partner up on these fearless sweaters with Tina (left). Check them out and order yours here: $100 from every sweater goes to Vital Voices.

The Lower East Side Girls Club annual Gala was this Wednesday night. Colin Kaepernick and Karlie Kloss were just a few of those in attendance to raise funds for these outstanding human beings. I'm proud to be part of this amazing community of women. 

And, DVF hosted her annual awards ceremony last night at the Brooklyn Museum in conjunction with the WITW 10th anniversary. Gloria, Anita, Katy, Nadia, Elaine, and Diane were all on stage together for a powerful moment of solidarity. Check out my friend, Aurora James' IG:

With all of the strides we are making, it's infuriating to read an article with this title: Women on the 2020 campaign trail are being treated more negatively by the media. Humph. 

Hilma af Klint Paintings for the Future is in its final weeks at the Guggenheim and, according to my husband is "as LF as it gets." Had you heard of af Klint before? I had not. Kandinsky is usually credited as the pioneer of abstract art, but Hilma was creating radically abstract paintings decades before him - or any other artist. Born in Stockholm in 1862, get this, she made her family lock up all of her work in a garage until 20 years after her death, because, she said, the world wasn't ready for them!!!  

"The idea that a woman got there first, and with such style, is beyond thrilling." - says the NYTime's Roberta Smith

It sure is. Get to the Guggenheim before these works come down on April 23rd. Hilma is my new girl crush - get into her! 

Photo via the Guggenheim

So many friends of mine came out with books this week it was almost ridiculous! Did you catch my Q&A with Jessica Yellin (her new book is titled Savage News and it is J-U-Juicy!). Jessica was the CNN White House Correspondent for years and has a not to be missed Instagram account that covers the daily news like no one else. She fittingly calls it "News, not Noise." I am so so grateful for the work she does - presenting unbiased and unsponsored news content to my IG story feed!

Maybe you're in for something a little bit sweeter? Amirah Kassem's (left), The Power of Sprinkles is the perfect gift for someone in your life that needs a pick me up. Lydia Fenet's The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You is sure to make you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to - much like the author herself, and Mary Giuliani (no relation to THAT Giuliani), has fun tales in her memoir, Tiny Hot Dogs. (All three are booked for some quality Q&A time so make sure you're following us for updates!

The beloved fashion designer, Rosie Assoulin launched an entirely new line of high fashion basics this week. The new brand, called "By Any Other Name" or BAON (for all of you IG'ers) sort of fills a void that old Celine left behind, no?

I've been recovering all week after a nasty back injury (thank you for all of your love in my dm's!) This Dosist pen was a major pain reliever for me and now I'm dying to book a flight to Cali to visit their store!

Tonne Goodman is leaving Vogue after 20 years. Her memoir comes out next week and I can't wait to read it. 

Marc Jacobs tied the knot last Saturday, bringing all sorts of fashionable types uptown to celebrate

How adorable are these new children's sweaters we created for The Mark Hotel uptown? Scoop yours here

I found this article on how one state (Michigan), spent five years debating how to teach American History fascinating! "Social studies is not rocket science,” said Jim Cameron, who led the committee’s work. “It’s more difficult.”

Women are now running all three network morning shows for the first time ever. Go women indeed!

It was design week in Milan, and my feed was full of glorious images from all your favorite luxury brands. I loved this shot from Amy Astley's IG at the Gucci pop up (left) and @LaDoubleJ from their pop up (right):

Gucci (left), and La Double J (right).

The artist, Christo just announced that his next work will be to wrap Paris' Arc de Triomphe in silver blue. Cool!!

This iconic image of 22-year-old engineering student Alaa Salah standing on top of a car in Sudan is a powerful reminder of the role women played in the uprising against their brutal dictator Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir over the last few days. 

Finally, Katie Bouman, the 29-year-old computer scientist who developed the algorithm to make the first photo of a black hole possible is just amazing.  Look at how happy she looks:

Do you have something that would be great for me to include in my list? Please feel free to drop me a line! Rachelle@linguafranca.nyc.
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