Getting Real With The Fashion Industry

Getting Real With The Fashion Industry

Power to the People

I just got some amazing photos back from a little photoshoot that I asked my friend Yumi to snap for us at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. It's the busiest street crossing in the world and I loved seeing our sweaters, like this power to the people one, on her gorgeous friend Rina. There was one problem, I had just finished reading this in-depth article by Fast Company on the environmental horrors of the fashion industry and those two giant H&M and Uniqlo signs behind Rina were sticking out at me like two giant sore thumbs.

The article itself is titled Your H&M Habit is Wreaking Havoc on the Environment, and it's author, Elizabeth Segran does a compelling job of telling a story that we basically already knew: The fashion industry is a leading cause of pollution and it's up to us to stop buying into the fast fashion's insane cycles of production. I'm proud to let you know that we ethically source our cashmere from Naadam, we are season-less and everything is made to order so we literally have zero waste. And, though we knew the industry outside of our little niche was bad, it's still staggering to see the numbers. This one really got me spinning: there are 100 billion articles of clothing being produced each year for just 7 billion people (!).

You guys, I was so hurt reading this article - and it didn't even get into the unethical labor practices being used by most major fashion companies (Uniqlo is rated as a measly D on this scale). We hope you understand and realize why we do what we do, and why we never offer sales. We hope you take great pride in your LF sweaters. We sure do! We have a responsibility to each other to produce less and consume less, and we will continue doing what we can to produce things with care for our planet, each other, and for our spirits. xo Rachelle

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