Get Your Custom On!

Get Your Custom On!

What do you have to say?

One of my favorite parts of what we do at LF is being able to comment on the cultural landscape surrounding us. Coming up with new phrases to hand stitch on our cashmere sweaters gives us a chance to engage in a meaningful way with both our customers (you) and the world around us.  It's fun to give a voice to some of the meaningful concepts swirling around in our brains. It's come to my attention that many don't realize we do customization work. That's a shame because it's some of my favorite work that we do!  So, to celebrate the beautiful custom work ordered thus far - and to hopefully inspire some of you to get your own creative juices flowing - I'd love to take you through some of the most memorable hits. I hope to add more to our growing instagram family soon. Because, trust me, whatever it is you are dying to say, it will carry much more weight after it's hand stitched in cashmere... xo Rachelle

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Some Inspiration: 

(ps click on the photos to see who is in the picture!)

*Custom orders start at $400 and are made to order/non refundable. 

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