It Takes a Village...

It Takes a Village...

It Takes A Village...

On the way home from school pick up, walking into the door after a long day of playing with friends at the park, at night just before bed…these are the moments that my sons fall into my arms. They have given the world their best selves, and they are depleted. They fall into me and can finally let go. They save their worst selves for me. And, it’s in these very trying moments that I’m reminded of what are perhaps the most defining qualities of being their mother. Trust. Comfort. Home. My sons trust me so completely that they allow me, their mommy, to see them at their worst - tears and all. Isn’t that beautiful? They relish my comfort, in the privacy of the home we are building together - wherever we find ourselves. 

Typing this I’m on a plane to my hometown of Lincoln, NE, where I will watch my little brother say “I do” and start on his journey of finding his trust and comfort and home. And, I realized that I never really expected to be raising my own children in NYC - a place that’s as different from the heartland as you can imagine. What can I say to the wedding guests this weekend, who will undoubtedly ask what it’s like raising kids in the Big Apple? “Um, it’s decidedly different from this?” 

But I also think that the similarities shared with being a mother in NYC today vs. being a mother in any other place or time, are perhaps greater than their differences. For instance, isn’t it true, generally speaking, that mothers always seem to find each other and band (and bond) together quite quickly? We need each other. We are the people our children become their worst selves around, remember? (Trust me, that can take its toll.) Moms are members of the ultimate OG tribe - it’s a secret society that has no handshake or mantra because what would be the point? The sacrifices made to give you the title are dues enough.

“It takes a village…”

Raising children in NYC comes with its own set of challenges, but I can’t think of a place where this concept - of needing an entire village to raise a child -  isn’t true. I cannot speak about being a mother in any other time or place than my own, but my experience of motherhood is one of a collaborative dance with caretakers who share a common goal of shepherding this next generation of children into their best selves.

In the photos below you will see a small sampling of the women in my life here in NYC who inspire me as Mothers. They are modeling our new cashmere cardigan twin sets (which are fully customizable!). What you won’t see are the countless people behind the scenes doing their best to make sure we are able to be our best selves for our little ones.

Fathers, grandparents. nannies, teachers, co-workers, friends, neighbors…we are all part of this city, which is really a series of connected villages, and we are all helping to raise the next generation of people. It’s profound and even exhausting at times!  It’s universal and it’s also a lot of fun!  Here’s to moms everywhere. At our best, at our worst, we are in this together. Xo Rachelle

It Takes a Village
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