It's Beach Bottoms, Cashmere Tops Weather!

It's Beach Bottoms, Cashmere Tops Weather!

Hey Yo, This is Maxwell!

I'm 6. I'm in Malibu to visit my grandmother, Jan Jan. She is 81 years old and still surfs. For real. The first wave we shared together was when I was  only 3 years old! Here's the picture to prove it. She's crazy.  My mom is working but we want her to go to the beach with us. So, she told me I could do her work for her. I absolutely HATE wearing sweaters. She's crazy too. My dad is at Soul Cycle but when he gets home we are all going swimming. Yippie Yi Yo! 

(If I do this newsletter does that mean I'm famous?)

Some inspiration for your weekend:

It's me now (Rachelle). I'm trying to get some work done over here so that I can head into the long weekend feeling all accomplished. Malibu really is the perfect sweater/swimsuit weather, but cashmere at the beach (or the pool), pretty much works anywhere - don't you think? Below, some inspiration on how to style yours! Email us to custom, and, pro tip! Type in "Lingua Franca Sweaters" into Google, hit the shopping tab at the top, and get busy scooping up summer styles before they're sold out! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!

Some bits from an interview I did on my mother-in-law, Janet MacPherson for Whalebone Magazine:

Did you ever feel like surfing was this feminist move?

I never thought about it. Some of the guys were really nice to me and some of them weren’t. Some of them didn’t really like a gal out there with them.

What did you wear surfing in the early days?

We used to go to the thrift stores and buy cashmere sweaters and wear them out in the water to keep warm. We didn’t have brands back then [laughs].

Who are some of the people you remember surfing with “back in the day”?

JM: Philip “Flippy” Hoffman, “Renny” Yater, Tom Morey (Morey invented the Boogie Board in the 70s), “Grubby” Clark, Gus Gustafson, Jim Foley, the Van Dyke Brothers and Jack O’Neill (of O’Neill wetsuits). I’ve been surfing with them since we were all in college.

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