Lingua Franca for Tracy Anderson

Lingua Franca for Tracy Anderson

You are how you move... 

"Meet me for a Tracy Anderson class!" texted my friend Meredith Melling one morning last fall. I texted back an enthusiastic "Ok yay!" back. WTF was I doing?! I'm not a workout buddy! The only thing I knew about Tracy Anderson, besides that she was a lovely person, (I was seated next to her at a dinner once), and BFFs with Gwynnie, was that her classes were for my super mega fit/hot friends who had incredible dance skills to boot. Basically, for me, TA classes were best experienced in bed, lying down, watching from the glow of my Instagram via the feeds of friends like Hilary Rhoda, Marina Larroude and  Candice Miller.  They all have these glorious matching outfits that would put workout barbie to shame, and they can do dance moves that deserve their own shows on Netflix.  The closest thing I have to "matching" gym wear in my closet is my old Umbro shorts from college and a Nike sports bra - both happen to be black. In short, I was intimidated. 

[From Left, @marrinalarroude, @hilaryrhoda, @mamaandtata. The screenshots don't give the moves their due justice.]

As the date inched closer and closer, I started leaving subtle clues to Meredith that I may be in over my head. I was curious to try out this class that I've heard so much about and would love to do it with the safety of a friend by my side,  but I also needed to set her expectations low. She kept assuring me that it wasn't a dance class, it was more of a band and mats thing. PLUS, she was pregnant!  Did I mention that!?  Surely I could keep up with a mama in her second trimester with baby #4, right?

The big day finally arrived.  I was uncharacteristically early to the Tribeca studio.  I wanted to give myself enough time to suss the scene and determine if I needed to take half a Xanax before the class started. Hilary Rhoda was there because of course, she was, and catching up with her took my mind off my impending doom. The class itself is a gazillion degrees so you sweat like mad. The instructor doesn't shout out moves or even talk to you. You follow along behind her to the music. This is oddly genius! After an arm and leg series using various colored bands hanging from the wall standing up, we moved to the floor routine. The class FLEW by because I was too focused on each move to worry about the time. It is also kicked my ass. I woke up feeling muscles I didn't know existed. But I was sore in that good kind of way. The just-right amount that keeps you wanting more. In short, I was hooked.

The only real hurdle I saw for the continuation of my love affair with Tracy Anderson workouts, was my own desire to never leave my house, especially to go workout, especially in the winter. At this point, I was already in touch with Steven from Tracy's team. He said Tracy was a giant fan (!) and emailed us about possibly doing a collaboration sometime in the New Year. I was totally flattered. But, it was at the end of that call that Stephen basically changed my life. "Do you want to try our live stream classes at home?" Um. duh? 

[My boys at home pretending to be me doing TA workouts.]

Cut to: I'm streaming TA classes from the safety and convenience of my home at least three times a week in addition to yoga and pilates. I put up with my boys making fun of me and the lack of the hot steaming classroom in exchange for being able to begin a workout whenever I feel like it and hit pause if I need to do a pressing task. I really do feel like I am becoming a different person. My arms and shoulders have definition for the first time (ever) and I'm standing taller. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day and am overall happier. I can't explain it but I'm walking differently.  I love these live streams so much, that I am begging you to go try them. Here's how:

1. Head here to start a two week free trial from the lovely crew at TA.
2. If you are a newbie like me, head to the beginner class.
3. If you think you like it, consider going all in and buy: A set of hand weights you like (I use 5 pounds) and ankle weights, these 1.5 pounders from TA's website are the best!
4. That is it! Get moving and let me know how you're doing. 

Shop our official Tracy Anderson collaboration. They're sending a % of all sweater sales to Planned Parenthood. xo Rachelle

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