Self Care 2019

Self Care 2019

Self Care 2019

This year I am finally going to take the advice of my friend and yogi Lya and book a consultation at Parsley Health Care center. Apparently everyone in my family has the MTHFR gene (which I obviously dubbed the M*therfucker gene), and I want to figure out if I have it, and what I need to be doing about it. They practice a whole-body approach, including individual plans based upon your bloodwork. Is this something you guys would like me to report back on? Let me know.  And below, some more things I'm into for self-care in 2019. As a reminder, nothing below is sponsored, I just really dig these things. 

I've Got This

First, for some January motivation! $100 from every "I've got this" sweater purchased supports Every Mother Counts efforts to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Go HERE to purchase. 

An Ancient Energizer

I just got back from India, and have been easing back into NYC life by spending a lot of time with my Bleecker street neighbors at Kilona. I'm excited to start trying these copper cups. You fill them with water before bed, let them sit overnight and then drink in the morning. Go read all about the powers of copper and snatch some yourself. Bonus, they are beautiful. 

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

If you haven't tried CBD oil yet, what are you waiting for? This formula, from the Charlotte's Web line is my very favorite. It has helped me with anxiety, sleep, and, miraculously, is the best hangover cure I have found. I cannot recommend this product more. It's expensive but I've had this same bottle since March. You will NOT regret it. 

Shop CBD Oil Here

Meditation Podcasts + Walks

No one has told me (yet) (because I haven't asked around), that you CAN'T meditate while walking, so I decided two birds, one stone. Lately, I've been catching up on my friend Dan Harris' series, but here's a good roundup of others. So, if you see me out walking around the village with my earplugs in, please don't say hello! I'm in deep meditation ok?!

Old Fashioned Letters

I recently received an old fashioned, handwritten letter in the mail and it just delighted me! Since then, I've been inspired to make letter writing my own personal habit. And, I know just where to find the card stock! Shop our embroidered stationery set here.

Massages on Demand

Have you all heard of the Soothe app? I've become a semi-regular customer. It's basically the Uber of massage therapists. On Sunday nights before dinner, my kids get an hour of "choice time" and I unapologetically book an hour massage. I love staying home for a massage, and every therapist I've met has been SUPER professional and happy to be working for the company. I'm a fan. 

p.s. Happy 2019 everyone! Did you make any wellness resolutions this year? Do you like when I talk about these sorts of things, and want more? Drop me an email and let me know please! xo Rachelle
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