Love Rules!

Love Rules!

Our Love Rules! collection starts with Jacob. Jacob came into the Lingua Franca offices like a sort of brilliant unicorn, spreading his magic dust wherever he went. Lately, he’s been crazy busy managing our personal orders and info emails, but I’ve been dying to unleash at least a fraction of his genius on our cashmere sweaters. When he came in one day wearing a sweatshirt with a fantastic sparkled star he had put together in patchwork pieces, I knew it was time.

Introducing our hand sewn, hand beaded, hand bejeweled, hand stitched “love rules” collection. Everyone needs a little bit of Jacob’s magic in their lives, now you have your chance!

Each patchwork heart is a little work of art created by hand by Jacob - check out Jacob's amazingness @faberjcool AND @sirenstarlite.

BONUS! $100 from every "love rules" sweater purchased helps to support The Center - NYC's LGBT community center. Learn more about The Center here

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