Our NEW $125 Hand Stitched Whitney Sweatshirts Are HERE!

Our NEW $125 Hand Stitched Whitney Sweatshirts Are HERE!

Come Together.

Last night we raced three blocks up to the Whitney Museum to toast our latest collaboration with their badass shop. This is our second collaboration with Stateside sweatshirts.  They're super soft, and made in LA by my husband's college roommate Moise  (how cool huh?). The whole collaboration feels kind of like that. Collaborative, cool, and all in the family. Pictured in this photo with me are my husband and sons (who I swear were more excited to be there than this photo depicts), Adam Weinberg (the director of the museum - major!), and Lauri Freeman who is the museum's retail product development manager and basically the coolest woman I know! Click below to order yours now - we did almost DOUBLE the amount, but they sold out in weeks last time so don't hesitate! FYI the sweatshirts are $125 and each one is hand stitched here in our LF offices on Jane Street. 100% of the proceeds go back to the Whitney and their amazing programs.  Check out more party photos HERE

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P.S. We were inspired by the exhibition An Incomplete History of Protest currently on view at the Whitney - it's a must see!  P.P.S. Creating Lingua Franca was a passionate and personal response to our current political climate, and through this project, we are proud to have helped hundreds of women find their voice and to collectively support organizations doing important resistance work. The LF x Whitney Shop collaboration represents the first time Lingua Franca has partnered with a cultural institution and I couldn’t be more proud to partner with a museum that supports the voices of artists and to have produced our first sweatshirt with Stateside, bringing our style of compelling sustainable resistance clothing to a wider market. 

How dope do these look hanging up at the Whitney - like little pieces of art for you to wear! 

These heart-shaped candies have the same messages as our sweatshirts. Lauri made them from this company. Genius!

p.s. These sweatshirts would make the ULTIMATE Valentine's day gift, don't you think??? xo Rachelle

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