I truly believe that this election year is the most important of our lifetimes so far. And, I'm unapologetic in vocalizing my disgust with our current President. To me, giving a damn means spending the time to research and understand the issues that are at stake for our democracy. Giving a damn means always listening to the conversation on all sides, but also standing by what you know to be true, just and right. Giving a damn means inspiring others to care too, and inspiring hard conversations in communities. Giving a damn means trying to lift up every member of our community, not just the ones born into privilege. Giving a damn means not feeling defeated when things don't go my way. What does "give a damn" mean to you?

xo Rachelle


We partnered with Sonix to create these embroidered phone cases—each one a little daily reminder that in this important upcoming election, we cannot afford to sit back and relax. 10% of proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit Running Start, a charity dedicated to helping women succeed in politics.

February 19, 2020 — Ace He