Rachelle's Reading List 2/19

Rachelle's Reading List 2/19

Here's what else I've been into recently:

First, I was incredibly excited to see Lupita rocking her LF "Harriet" sweater with Oprah on her vision tour (left). "You don't get what you DESERVE; you get what you INTEND." -Oprah.

Also, was so proud to see my friend, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle rocking her "Together We Rise" custom sweater all over NH for the primaries. Purchase her sweater and we'll send $100 to the Robin Hood Foundation - and more to come!

We are in the middle of fashion week, here's some things that caught my eye here in NYC:

1. Rachel Comey's politically charged show at La Mercerie.

2. Nike's take on fashion, the Olympics and Kobe Bryant.

3. Marc Jacobs has still got it.

4. The Cheer stars sitting front row at Brandon Maxwell's show, cheering on the models to everyone's delight.

Other things that are "in?" Pearls. They're officially having a moment. Just ask Harry.

Here's what I'm...

Reading: I just picked up American Dirt, (the book everyone is talking about that's not without controversy) and after that, I'm going to hit up Emma Straub's All Adults Here.

Watching: The Pharmacist on Netfilx and Ramy on Hulu.

Can't wait to see: Diana the Musical on Broadway (what?!), and Jordan Casteel at the New Museum.

Buying: This crazy good lipstick of all things (I never wear lipstick but this is a cross between lipstick and gloss and I became obsessed with it after using my cousin Lisa's this weekend.); these pants from LSF, and, this color block bikini. I'm in love with it.

Listening to: Nancy Meyer's Spotify kitchen playlist! OMG so good!

This read, on the decadence of our western society, was a unique and interesting take on the "stalemate and stagnation" of the 21st century: "When people accept futility and the absurd as normal, the culture is decadent.”

Speaking of decadence, I am really digging Molly Goddard's tulle and La Double J's new looks from Spring/Summer 2020:

Steve Madden is officially the world's biggest pig. #boycott

These guys are the "Bansky of the Internet." Did you know about MSCHF?

I have never been into the Biebs, but I think this back and forth between him and Billie Eilish is kind of cute.

Noah Baumbach directed Debbie Harry as the ultimate queen of NYC in this cover shoot for W Magazine and the photos are nothing short of amazing.

David Brooks on why the nuclear family was a mistake.

I really want these socks. They would pair perfectly with this sweater, don't you think?

Everyone is talking about how good Jessica Simpson's memoir is—esp the audio version. I think I'll give it a go!

For Black History month, Aurora James of Brother Vellies launched "the nudes" program and revisited what that word means, and stylist Shiona Turini collaborated with Barbie to create barbies "with braids, finger waves, and everything in between."

Super cool! Parasite, the movie that made history, is officially becoming an HBO show.

Will leave you with my fav meme this week:

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