Mom Deserves A Custom Hand Embroidered Cashmere...

Mom Deserves A Custom Hand Embroidered Cashmere...


TGIY! "Thank Goodness It's You!" At the end of our long days, my boys frequently come home and melt into me. After particularly long weeks - where we've all been working away at our own self-fulfilling activities - we really sink into what I call these "Thank God It's You" moments. I LONG all week for the TGIY moments. I LIVE for these delicious meltdowns (unlike their evil cousins, those other meltdowns). Moms out there, you know these good "melts" I'm talking about. Non-moms, you do too. It's when you see your "thank god it's you" person at the end of a long day and just melt into them. And, I love how the photo above (taken for Moda Operandi to celebrate our Mother's Day collaboration), really captures that.  And, I love this "I've got this" sweater I'm sporting too - for sale now,  just in time for Mother's Day. Melt away mamas! You've got this!

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More Mother's Day Options

Here's a roundup of some other Lingua Franca sweaters that you can still get in time for your Mother's Day Melts:

Custom For Mama

You know her best. There's still time to place a custom sweater order for your Mom. Email us,, by next Tuesday, May 8th, to ensure delivery by Mother's Day. Or, maybe she knows herself best.  Get your mom one of our new custom gift cards so she can treat herself! 
Custom Gift Cards

p.s. The first photo was shot by my friend Yumi Matsuo. You can find her here to book for your next photo session. She's really good and really fun to hang with too!

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