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Though I am a proud New Yorker, at the end of the day, I will always be a small town girl from Nebraska. For our Spring ’22 collection, I (along with the amazing LF team) took a pilgrimage home to the rolling hills and prairies of my childhood. I have to tell you, it was so much fun rediscovering the backdrops of my younger years through the eyes of the LF team, which included my Montauk pal Mikey de Temple as our photog (who just happened to be dating a gal from Omaha AND just happened to be planning a trip to NE to formally ask for her dad's blessing to propose!!! It was all very exciting, especially for team LF who just could not believe the odds, and the sweetness!). I am so excited to drop part one (of three) from our new collection and to share some of our adventure back to my home with you. Welcome to Nebraskaland.

My grandma Irene's living room. Sigh. So many memories.

My grandma Irene provided so much inspiration for our Spring collection. Irene was a true force, someone I looked up to and loved deeply for as long as I can remember. She tended to her family like she tended her beloved rose garden, with great commitment, grace and pride. Her's was the first phone number I knew by heart. Filling Irene's home in Ceresco with our bustling and excited energy as we photographed these Irene-inspired pieces-modeled by local women we met in NE-amidst all of the artifacts of my childhood with her was a magical merging of worlds I could never have imagined. She was definitely there with us that day and I'll never forget it.

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