Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Last week, at one of the last remaining, truly old school skating rinks in the tri-state area (the carpet doesn't lie!), we had a blast shooting our Fall '22 look book–see some behind the scenes here! The inspiration was 4th grade life and I'm still in a 1993 mindset, especially as the photos from the disposable cameras we all had on set come in (p.s. You probably know about 90s anxiety IG, but are you hip to the 90s art party feed?). Fashion week is in full swing here and we're having so much fun showing off new designs and techniques to buyers we haven't seen in person in years. NYC feels alive and well!

Next week, we will drop our first in a series of new Spring styles – featuring images taken last September at my childhood home in Nebraska. I'm giddy with excitement and can't wait to see what you think of all the newness.

The city, and our offices, are buzzing with activity, and with so much going on it felt like a great time to send out one of my reading lists (it's been a while!). I'll highlight what I've been digging, both at home and out in the "real world." Maybe you are on the same tips, or maybe you'll find something new here to be inspired by. As always, if you have something you think I should know about, please drop me a line: rachelle@linguafranca.nyc. I love hearing from you - for real!

To Buy: Festive Bouquets

Have you seen the new Sweetheart bouquets we recently launched? They're made of paper, completely by hand. They're the perfect gift to brighten someone's day and they ship quickly! Check out the newness over at our flower shop.

To Visit: El Quijote

My husband Sean purchased the iconic Hotel Chelsea over six years ago. So, I'm more than a little excited that the decades old El Quijote (frequented by more than a couple famous faces - like Warhol above) has finally reopened. The rest of the Hotel is not far behind!

To Stream: SO MUCH!

Gah, there are so many great things streaming (or coming soon) it's actually stressing me out lol. First, if you missed "In the Pursuit of Love" starring Lilly Janes like I did, don't. Then, check out her full range by heading over to "Pam & Tommy." I'm so excited for: the return of Mrs. Maisel and "My Brilliant Friend" this month, plus "Becoming Anna" and "The Worst Person in the World." Thank goodness it's still cold outside because I'm gonna be staying in a lot this month!

To Get Into: Cheerfulness

If you know me, you know I'm pretty much obsessed with all things David Byrne, which is why I devoured this recent interview (as well as his images currently up at Pace Gallery). I love the illustrations he did during covid, can't see his show on Broadway enough times, and OMG, I just ADORE his website called "Reasons to be Cheerful." It's a whole world of things to be happy about.

To Read: Books and More

It seems like every single person I follow on IG is reading "The School for Good Mothers." I myself am halfway in so far. Other things I'm reading: This newsletter is really, really fun. It spells out the things the kids are up to today in ways even this Grandma (ok, not yet a Grandma, but you get my gist) can understand. And this newsletter is always giving me cool things to check out, like this artistic and fun site about plants of all things. I'm confidently recommending both!

To Drool Over: This Montecito home.

I keep meaning to find reasons to fall out of love with Gwyneth – societal forces have programmed me to reject anything that is seemingly this perfect...and yet. She just keeps nailing it. Her latest AD featured home in Montecito includes this custom marble bar (designed by our friends at Roman and Williams) and many, many other points of perfection.

To See: Hugh Hayden's work

Hugh Hayden is a surrealist sculptor with a lot to say. His new public art installation is currently on display at Madison Square park and it is a must see–in person or on your screen. Photo via @artproductionfund.

To Buy: Boiled Beanie

I haven't had my haircut in eons and am living in our boiled beanies. We JUST restocked them. They are perfect as is, but also a great canvas for hand embroidery or beaded patches.

p.s. Some More Good Things:

Right when we thought our love of Dolly Parton couldn't be greater, the lady announces this. Plus, it's girl scout cookie season! If you've got a sweet tooth that needs some servicing, head here and pick your favorites!

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