NEW Hand Embroidered Tee Shirts!

NEW Hand Embroidered Tee Shirts!

The Trendiest Tee in Town

The thing about some trends - they're too good NOT to join in on! We've been seeing tie-dye all over our social feeds, on the runways, and in the streets.  And, we wanted to end summer with a bang by putting our own slow fashion spin on this forever favorite. First, we had our resident creative spirit Jacob come up with a special double dye process to create a subtle, dreamy look for these sustainable t-shirts (made by Stateside of 60% recycled plastic and 40% recycled cotton). Each shirt is hand-dipped in colorful dyes, then reprocessed by hand to soften the color and remove patches of pigment, creating cloud-like patterns that are each totally unique. Next, we took them to Anahi, our head embroiderer, who worked with our team of embroiderers to hand stitch our tried and true "outlaw" phrase into each one in brightly colored thread.

So. They're hand-dye meets eco-friendly meets hand embroidery, and if that's too trendy for you to handle, they probably aren't for you! If you're into them, please don't hesitate to make one yours. In staying with our no-waste philosophy, quantities are limited, so be sure to get yours while you can.  xo Rachelle



Photos shot by Yumi Matsuo at the Crows Nest, Montauk. 
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