Rachelle's Reading List 10/30

Rachelle's Reading List 10/30

Happy Halloween! Here's hoping your day ends up better than this poor little guy's.

Didja hear the news? We're about to open a giant space up on Madison Avenue! And, we are looking forward to shaking up the UES. We are humbled, surprised, excited, and a little bit nervous, but mostly just THRILLED. Our new store will feature a second floor atelier, where our embroiderers will be working. Also, you can expect loads of new collaborations, product launches, trunkshows, in-store Q&A's, and our much loved embroidery classes! We are working like mad to open soon – stay tuned!

Our soon to be store on Madison between 67/68th (left). My grandma Rita (right) – who taught me how to embroider in the first place, and who I wish were alive to see this today. A stitch learned in small town Ulysses, Nebraska, now soon to be found on Madison Avenue!

Last week, after months of seeing no movies in a theatre, we got to see screenings of both The Irishman and Very Ralph. Both are about larger-than-life men, and both are worth watching. (As is Marriage Story, which we caught earlier this month.)

I had a "very NYC" type of night at our friend Alison Sarofim's annual Halloween party last Saturday. It's a great service she does for us downtown New Yorkers, hosting this party every year, where people really go for it. I can't think of anything quite like it. Totally original, unsponsored fun! Food cart included!


The theme was Leigh Bowery X Freudian Slip and we really went full-on club kids (left). This aerobatic Freud had me laughing out loud (right).


While I'm in party mode, does anyone remember our glorious holiday window last year? It was done by my friend Bronson Van Wyck. He is the most talented event producer and his new book, Born to Party, Forced to Work, is just as delicious as his parties. This is a perfect gift idea for literally anyone who is into fun.

You know who else seems to be the perfect dinner host? Whoopi. I'd rush to her house if I ever got the chance! What a happy house!

I know this is old news, but Jane Fonda getting arrested last week was almost as good as Trump getting booed at the World Series, amiright?

I had never heard of "OK BOOMER," the new it thing the kids are into (putting on their TikTok and their hoodies) these days. I am 36, but some days I feel like a grandmother – anyone else?

Antoni has found the perfect white tee and, after seeing him in it, I'm considering ordering five.

Also very into upping my undergarment game. This new company, by two oh so stylish LA-based stylists, seems like a great place to begin my journey.

Also into: this dress for holiday parties; this festive cardigan; and my favorite new emerald green coat – a gift from a friend. Can you believe my luck!?

Rick Owens is on a roll. He just won a mega design award, published not one but two new books, and has the most delicious bed in the world. But, his biggest "win" is his wife, Michèle Lamy. We caught up with the duo in Paris this month and she continues to be my ultimate style inspiration – she's unabashedly herself, gold teeth and all! And! She's on Instagram!

The most incredible thing happened this month! I somehow managed to avoid catching my children's colds all month long, all while traveling and fighting jet lag! (Knocks on wood). I am convinced it's because I've started drinking a dropper full of this every single morning.

This cabin looks so cozy.

Jennifer Garner reenacting this iconic Friends scene with Legos gave me sooo much joy.

In art related news, I'm excited to check out Rachel Feinstein's new retrospective at New York's Jewish Museum, and an anonymous artist in Marfa, Texas built this "Target Marfa." A take on this original "Prada Marfa." What's your take?


I haven't had much time to read this month but I'm liking the little bit I've read of this book.

A new study – that states that dog owners experience "a 24% reduction in all cause mortality" (!) – confirms that our most recent addition was a no brainer.

Adopting and trying to train our new pup has reminded me of "one of the most emailed NYT article ever" about a woman who used Shamu style training tactics on her husband to get him to do the behaviors she wanted. Hysterical!

It also fits in with this new article on how children evolved to whine (fascinating!) and how to get them to stop doing it. (TLDR: both involve truly ignoring the behaviors you seek to remove, something I can't seem to do with my own kids, for what it's worth.)

Anyway, meet Harry, the newest member of our gang:

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