Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Okay first, this video of Reese Witherspoon learning about TikTok from her son Declan is the best thing I've seen on Instagram this week. PEAK mom moves!

It's still fashion month. Here's a roundup of photos that caught my attention:

From left to right: 1) Gigi Hadid, the hero of Chanel – shown here escorting a runway crasher off the catwalk leading to dozens of fun memes. (p.s. here's the backstory on the crasher).  2) Cardi B arriving at said Chanel show. 3) Helen Mirren enthusiastically prancing barefoot down the runway in Giambattista Valli at the L'Oréal fashion show in Paris.

Putting the "Fun" in "Fashun": 4) Models backstage at the Noir kei Ninomiya show. 5) Balenciaga went gaga for oversized bows and giant bell skirts. 6)This Issey Miyake show had dresses floating overhead, carried through the air by drones, before being laid delicately on the models below.

EXTRA! EXTRA! 7) Giant fish hat spotting at Vivienne Westwood's show. 8) Thom Browne took hair heights to new levels. 9) Finally! A daily carry-all bag that's big enough for my lifestyle!

While we're on the topic of fashion, I've had fun scouring the Matches Fashion sales for my favorite fall jackets. Here are my picks if you want to add some fun to your fall wardrobe:  This divine wool print by Edward Crutchley, this antique cotton coat by Walid or this terribly fun printed number by Rianna + Nina.

Go pink and hit up this Maison Margiela number (albeit a real splurge even at 70% off), or opt for this perfectly cut Tibi version.

Or play it safe with Isa Arfen's take on the trench coat or this divine corduroy number (both so good and both under $500).

Okay. On to other things...

I'm DYING to see this new show on Broadway. Like, counting down the days. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book last night.

I'm three episodes into this random gem of a show and couldn't be more pleased with it.

I'm excited to watch this documentary.

And, I couldn't help staying up to read all of the comments on this blog post. (Why am I so interested in this topic?!)

For what it's worth, I think you can be a feminist AND still have your man defend your honor. 

I am very excited to visit the "Lucy Sparrow Delicatessen" at Rockefeller Center. Every single item, from cheese to fish to chocolate to fruit, is handmade out of felt by this British Artist, and they are all for sale, starting at just $5. It's part of the "Art in Focus" public art program with Art Production Fund and it's open until October 20th:

In the battle between Mark Zuckerberg and Elizabeth Warren, I pick Warren for coming out on top. Sorry (not sorry), Mark.

Speaking of Liz, love her or hate her, there's no doubt that her IG videos of her phone calls to supporters who have donated even just $20 to her campaign are really heartwarming.

This energy-efficient house is "like a cinema for moving shadows." Love that!

In random news that I'm totally excited about: Virgil Abloh is designing a line of furniture for Ikea. Because, why not?

What's it like to live on an island made up of mostly women? It looks beautiful and fun!

Bon Appetit just listed the 10 best new restaurants in America, including this beautiful gem in New Orleans...

Finally,  I will leave you with something trés chic and fun! If this video of Lisa Rinna dancing doesn't make you beam from ear to ear, there may be something wrong with you!

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