Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

Oh my goodness what a week! Whenever the news gets to be too much, and I feel myself slipping into despair, I find respite and the chance to recharge in taking some time to clear my head and think about things that don't bring me down. So, here's what I've been reading and thinking about this week, in case you're in the need of some recharging too.

The exclusive summer necklace that we designed with Haute Victorie is back in stock in limited quantities! Preorder yours now. 

Our new cashmere twin sets (with short sleeved sweaters and cardigans in three delicious colors) are officially here. Order yours now - we will custom! 

I had my pals Lydia Fenet and Mary Giuliani into the store this Tuesday to chat about their books, their time management secrets, their tricks on being amazing women and everything else in between. Check it out here!

One of the things Lydia brought up is how her southern belle training taught her so many relevant things - like sending handwritten thank you cards. Which made me remember this oh so beautiful hand done custom calligraphy that Dempsy and Carroll is now offering to anyone who fancies.

Born in 1983,  I straddle the line between Gen X and Millennial territory. Thankfully, the paper of record has this quiz that finally settled it- I lean towards Gen X! (Pretty unsurprising to me, since my first social device was a pager.)

My friends over at Maisonette officially launched a kids line of clothing and it is both chic and affordable. Truly. Check it out! 

My other friend Brett Heyman, founder of Edie Parker, just casually mentioned to me during last week's Mother's Day shoot that she was launching a new product line. I had no idea it would be this cool.  Weedie Parker! I love it! Cannabis has officially hit the Upper East side!

Eero Saarinen's 1962 "architectural masterpiece," the TWA flight center at JFK is officially a hotel and it's officially open for business. Fashion's elite got a sneak peek last week during the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection show:

The most expensive piece of art by a living artist sold this week and even the rich are giving up.

Olivia Wilde and True Botanicals hosted a delicious dinner that included a gift bag of glorious CBD bath supplies with CBD bath salts. And, omfg you guys... they are delish! (CBD Bath Salts coming soon, pick up their Vitamin C booster in the meantime!). 

Speaking of Olivia, I can't wait to see the first film she directed, titled "Booksmart." Says Olivia: “It only gets more interesting when you’re too old to play dumb.” 

This is how I will be wearing my hair from now until September. 

I can't really put a finger on my love for Christina Applegate - can anyone else? Her new Netflix show "Dead to Me" made me a new fangirl of Linda Cardellini's too!
Did you catch Aurora James' custom made Brother Vellies MET gala dress (left)? Read about it here. She's a goddess and a friend.

I have an unhealthy obsession with this shoe company and I am a sucker for almost every single collaboration that they do. I can't help it. I LIVE in these shoes. But THIS. THIS! COLLABORATION! I've been waiting for it for months and it's finally here.

Speaking of healthy obsessions. I would like my wardrobe to include one of every piece of this collection.

Plus, a very perfect, like SUPER perfect summer beach bag. 

Sorry, last shopping thing. THIS swimsuit. Why is everything for Summer so amazing this year?!

This is truly something to be excited about. Arthur (the cartoon) opened its new season with the same-sex wedding!

The Whitney Biennial opens to the public today and omg is it good:

Photo via @CaseyFremont

Translations of your boss' meeting invitations made me lol.

I finally went to see "What the Constitution Means to Me" on Broadway last night. It was wonderful. My favorite part was when 14-year-old Rosdely Ciprian came on stage to debate against keeping the Constitution (she argued we should lose it and start fresh - and at the end, the audience sided with her!). 

There's so much more happening in the cultural landscape this week - like the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Biennale, but I feel a deep-rooted desire to share these photos of cows with blowouts instead! 

Cows with blowouts. Why is this so funny to me?!
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