Rachelle's Reading List

Rachelle's Reading List

The things I'm into this week, here goes:

Today is World Refugee Day and, at a time when the number of children, women and men uprooted by wars and persecution has broken all records, we have some homework suggestions: Get educated (watch the film 4.1 Miles or Fire at Sea tonight), head to places like @usaforunhcr @unhcrpartners @refugees for resources on how to help, be compassionate and empathetic in all conversations regarding immigration and the people who are leaving their homes in search of safety and civil rights - people who are only doing what any of us would be doing if we found ourselves in their place. And, most importantly, speak out against the hateful and bigoted policies (like those that put people in modern-day concentration camps) being put into place and upheld around the world and by our own government.  #votethemout

18 questions, 21 Candidates. What a wonderful, well-executed idea. 

Last Sunday was Father's Day and we had so much fun celebrating the dads. We also had fun seeing Neil Patrick Harris dad-int it up with his adorable family, while wearing a custom LF "Love is Magic" sweater in the Sunday NYTimes! Go here to shop our men's collection or order a custom for your main man:

Annie Tritt for The New York Times

U.S. Women's soccer ticket sales are generating more money than the men's. So when will they start getting the same salaries as the guys? huh? huh? 

I was fascinated by this article on the debate about cultural appropriation and the fashion world, which was written in the wake of Carolina Herrera being called out by the cultural minister of Mexico for her use of Mexican- inspired textiles. Read  the comment section too. IMHO it is an incredibly nuanced issue.

Another major fashion icon was making headlines all week. Gloria Vanderbilt, beloved artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress, socialite (and mother of Anderson Cooper) died this week at 95. Me?  I spent several hours falling into her wonderland of interiors. She really went for it, that patchwork!

Did you catch Taylor Swift's new video?  Are you happy she finally used her voice - or do you think it's a little too spot-on, and a little too late

Our friend Julia Chaplin (you know her from those incredible eye candy Gypset books), has a new book out called "The Boho Manifesto." It's like the preppy handbook, but for bohos, and it's spot on and fun!

Our summer charm necklace was featured in this particularly delightful Off Duty 50 in the WSJ last week (left). Preorder yours before we run out... again.)

What I'm reading. (Thanks Claire!)

What I'm watching.

What I'm listening to on my jogs (anyone else)?

 What I saw on Broadway this week that I think you should run to before it's over on July 7th.

What I'm wearing on repeat, with this and these.

What I'm digging.

What I'm considering.

When Stormy Daniels out tweets  Sarah Huckebee.

This was a battle that the Telegraph unwisely took on. Next time you want to critique the physique of a plastic mannequin - just... don't. mmkay?

Has anyone seen HBO's new true-story series Chernobyl? It "uses the structure of a thriller to expose a reality that was buried, denied, and warped by the government - a distinctly contemporary theme." The results, Emily Nussbaum writes, are "intoxicating." I'm scared to watch but want to see it!

Sort of my idea of a perfect room.

Finally,  I just LOVE this photo of mom Mari Agorytaken by my friend Yumi Matsuo. The colors, the models, they are perfection. Check out Mari's sustainable marketplace for mom's Momier. 

Gah - and one more kitchen I'm swooning over! That's all I've got!

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