What The World Needs Now, Is Joy And Resistance!

What The World Needs Now, Is Joy And Resistance!

Diana and I last night, in front of the Tiny Pricks pieces which have overtaken our store! Photo by @youngwomeninthearts.

A Common Thread

Last night, at our store on Bleecker Street, we unveiled a special project that we've been working on for weeks. For new followers, this meant hanging roughly 700 hand stitched textiles that make up the Tiny Pricks Project - a public (and growing) art project created and curated by Diana Weymar. Contributors from around the world stitch tweets and quotes by #45 into vintage textiles, creating a material record of his presidency and of the movement against it.

We kicked off the night with a special performance by the Resistance Revival Chorus, who brought the heart and soul of this incredible project out into the street and had blocks of people clapping along to their joyful resistance tunes. Friends and neighbors were invited to come in and explore the pieces done by over 400 people from around the world.

In an ironic twist, the Instagram account @tinypricksproject, which has documentation of every single piece hanging up our store, mysteriously disappeared into thin air DURING our opening last night. We are at a loss as to what happened (Russian bots??), but are determined to do what we do best: keep on keepin' on. We will keep holding this administration accountable, we will keep resisting injustice in the world, and we will keep celebrating the great love and joy that is created when people band together for a common cause. The people will always hold the power! And, I invite you all to come see this amazing exhibit in person (before September 3rd). I promise that it will make you feel less hopeless, and less alone. xo Rachelle

Tiny Pricks Project Shop!

You can get in on the fun! Check out our limited edition art pieces - all hand done by Diana Weymar, or snag up our 100% recycled T-shirt, made in L.A. by Stateside out of recycled cotton and plastic!  

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Wake the Nation!

We shut down Bleecker street last night for a spontaneous dance party with the Resistance Revival Chorus! Check out photos below by Yvonne Tnt, and go to our Instagram stories for more! First, the installation was no easy feat! Diana made it a family affair, her husband Matthew was in on the action, and her daughter Macy brought her friend Amelia to make sure everything was ready for the party:

R -Diana did the majority of the pinning - and had bandages on almost all of her fingers by the time she was done. I'm in awe! (Left) This was hours before we got cleaned up for the party! (Right)

And now, images from the party...

We really did shut down the street!

Members of the LF team (Left).  Diana and her daughter, Macy and son, Tobias (Right).

Resistance Revival Chorus Members (Left). Designers Jonathan Cohen and Sarah Leff (Right). 

The Resistance Revival Chorus

Julie Brown, me (Left). Artist Angie Herrera under her piece! (Right).

Happy Diana in front of the LF store

Julia Chaplin, Tanya Selvaratnam, and me (Left). Loida Nicolas LewisChristina Lewis (Right).

Lauri Freedman (the one standing on bench clapping!)

It was a family affair (Left). Details of Tiny Pricks installation (Right).

An inside look at the store.

Jennifer Fisher (Left) Me, Sandy Brant (Right).

Go HERE to find out how to submit your own Tiny Pricks for this project!

p.s. Diana's statement on the loss of her Instagram account: 

"God, we're NOT fucked." In the midst of an amazing night of human connection through thread, textile, music, connection, the @tinypricksproject IG account went down. We don't know how or why. We were very close to 10,000 passionate followers and 745 posted photos. Just over a year of building a trusting, warm, supportive, active community. Still, I would rather have the real pieces than the posts. We know the virtual world and the material world. We started this project out of resilience and we'll dig in and get it back up or rebuild. We have the textile, thread, friends we've made, and the community. That stays. And as long as Trump keeps saying the things he's said, we're going to be there with our needles and textiles in hand. In the meantime @linguafranca @dianaweymar and the website www.tinypricksproject.com will share the work that so many have put into making this possible."

p.p.s I truly can't believe the beauty that exists in the world. A healthy reminder is on display at our store now at 382 Bleecker. We can't wait to welcome you all in!  

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