Rachelle's Reading List 5/1

Rachelle's Reading List 5/1

A quick reminder. Today is International Workers' day and thousands of workers at Amazon, Target, Wholefoods, Instacart and Trader Joes are going on strike to protest what they say are unsafe conditions and lack of protection from their employers. Join us in supporting these workers and refrain from shopping from these places (and any others participating). 

March felt like a trillion days and April felt like one. Weird how time is working these days huh? A possible explanation:

Speaking of sunshine and rainbows today... yes, vitamin D is good for you. No, injecting it into your body isn't going to cure corona. SMDH.

ALSO, our friend Yumi (who shoots a lot of our campaign images), had this super cool and sweet idea to spread love through Instagram and started a #FeedYourRainbow campaign. Each day had a color and people posted their best photos that represented it. LOVE!

What I'm watching:
Monday nights are officially my "My Brilliant Friend" nights. Y'all I'm obsessed. This show has only gotten better in season 2 and, IMO, is better than the books which I didn't make it through (don't judge!). Naples? My first trip post Corona? One can only dream.

Have you guys checked out the new Hulu show "Mrs. America?" It's a sophisticated undertaking and thoroughly enjoyable. 

I'm excited to watch "Normal People" on Hulu based on Sally Rooney's novel, which I devoured, as well as Alice Wu's new movie "The Half of It." Both are getting rave reviews!

What I'm doing:
Besides puzzling and stitching, I have spent way, WAY too much time on these paint by sticker books. What a great idea!

What I'm reading:
Who better than Chloë Sevigny to execute a major fashion shoot at home over Zoom while 8 months pregnant?

I finally finished The Plague (required reading) and have settled into this gem by Ann Patchett.

Watching on Instagram:
@adley's press conference on the Corona virus.

@sarahcpr as Donald Trump.

Um, gosh! This video of Prince Charles and Camilla clapping made my side hurt from laughing.

And finally: I'm still obsessed with my friend Jill Kargman's daily videos as "Dzanielle." You have to check out the Trump "Cacktails" she came up with.

Also, friend and Waverly Inn Sommelier, Jeff Harding, has been doing live interviews with his sommelier friends and small family wineries from all over the world who are stuck at home and they are delightful. "The vines don't stop."

Inspired by:
Samantha Hahn's Maison Rainbow prints and Jamie Beck's #IsolationCreation original photographic art. Either would make a perfect Mother's Day gift!

What I'm Listening To:
Has anyone made it through Fiona Apple's entire new album? Fetch the Bolt Cutters has the entire (music) world talking right now.

I love The Daily podcast, and this reading by columnist Roger Cohen titled "I forgive you New York" had me sobbing and doing the impossible: counting down the minutes to complain about something like rats in my city again.

Also getting very into Marc Maron. I'll take him on Netflix, or in podcast form.

What I'm purchasing:
Honestly the last two months have made me truly realize how little I actually need. That being said, I was the first to sign up for my friend Aurora of Brother Vellies new "something special" service. Who doesn't want something special and handmade in the middle of every month?

Also, were I looking to spend, I'd check out this list from Vogue of companies giving back right now AND something from this gorgeous site, which also serves up constant inspiration on Instagram. I'm eyeing this rug.

In other news:
My kids have been making tents all around the house, which I think is time well spent? I'm gonna show them this picture of Roberta Molteni's set up in Paris and, I don't know, see if they maybe get inspired to make us dinner and serve us too?

My sons "tents" vs. Molteni's tent.

Here's a look at the next-generation brands and cultural pioneers on the rise from those in the know.

Y'all, this virus has really brought out the innate talent in some people, don't ya think?

Spending so much time at home has hopefully gotten your creative juices flowing. Me? I'm trying to decide if I should make like Yona Friedman and start cutting and pasting figures I'm inspired by:


If, I don't know, I should perhaps make like Jean Cocteau and start tattooing the whole house in tempura frescoes. Thoughts?

I'd like to end this newsletter with a little note of love to our friend Peter Beard and his family. Peter passed away a couple of weeks ago and left a hole in our little Montauk community, and in our hearts. Sean and I were lucky enough to host our wedding at their iconic Montauk estate—a place where so many people have memories to last a lifetime. Peter’s passing is having a profound effect on us—the way any great human who leaves us does. The world lost a one of a kind adventurer. Peter taught me to stay an original, and to listen to the sound of my own heart, not the passing voices that swirl around you. He also taught me that seeking out adventure, whatever that means for you personally, is a sacred endeavor.

I'm sending love, hope and healthy vibes to all of you. Please share with me the things you are doing that you'd think I'd enjoy – email me! Rachelle@linguafranca.nyc.

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