Help Us Unpave Paradise This Earth Day

Help Us Unpave Paradise This Earth Day

Over the last six weeks, I have personally gotten used to this new sort of "normal." And, in this new world order, I have learned a lot about how little I actually need. The coronavirus, which has grounded most humans around the world, has shown us the positive effects our staying put has had on Mother Earth. But, the ultimate effect this pandemic will end up having on our environment is more complicated. One thing that is certain, we will need governments and leaders to band together and put our planet's wellbeing at the top of their agendas. We've seen a lot of leaders do it during this global crisis, (ahem, Trump learn from them!), let's hope they can take something with seemingly less "immediate" consequences as seriously.

Another thing I'm noticing during my time in isolation? Mother nature in an almost childlike manner—and it feels good. As Cheryl Strand pointed out on her podcast chat with George Saunders (highly recommend), the trees don't have COVID-19, (nor do the bees or the butterflies or the new flowers sprouting up). And, there's something so comforting in knowing that they are all out there, carrying on as always. Nature has always been a reliable therapist, today more than ever.

Our new Earth Day Collection, featuring our first ever embroidered image of the globe, is one that makes me feel really good, both when it comes to promoting and wearing it. As humans, we are all in this together, and our shared home is worth respecting, celebrating and protecting. 10% of all of our sustainably made and hand sewn Earth Day sweaters will be sent to the Surfrider Foundation – an organization near and dear to us.

xo Rachelle

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